In Review: Blood & Treasure (S2 – EP13) Showdown in Hong Kong

Danny and Lexi come face-to-face with the Kahn in one final battle above Hong Kong.
Hong Kong

Synopsis: Realizing they’ve taken the Kahn’s bait – and putting the lives of millions in jeopardy – Danny and Lexi come face-to-face with the Kahn in one final battle above Hong Kong.


The Story

Having been captured by Hong Kong Police in the last episode. Danny, Lexi, Chuck, and Shaw must find a way to get away and stop The Great Khan from getting the banner and letting off a nuke. The fact that the police chief is keeping them under house arrest to avoid administrative headaches isn’t helping matters. But seeming Violet aka The Great Khan’s attack on the police building is the diversion that Danny, Lexi, and the team needs. Also helping matters is the fact that Simon Hardwick has set a plan into motion that will help him both escape and expose Violet as The Great Khan.


The Acting

This season finale brings us some solid acting performances all around. Matt Barr and Sofia Pernas are as steady as ever as the show’s two leads. But the strongest performances come from the supporting cast. James Callis is outstanding as Simon Hardwick who gets to play a winning hand in this finale as he lends aid to Danny and Lexi by distracting and exposing Violet (Michelle Lee) for the psycho she is. The scene where Simon gets Voilet to admit that she is The Great Khan is brilliantly done and fraught with tension.

Once again we also get a great performance from Mark Gagliardi as we see Father Chuck perform a hail mary play as he attempts to defuse Violet’s nuclear bomb. The scene where he says an informal prayer to God is both truthful and funny at the same time as he is about to do something that requires that he has a great deal of faith. I also loved Chuck’s final scene with Danny and Lexi, which could be something that the series creators use as a jumping-on point for a new TV series should they wish to go in that direction.



Showdown in Hong Kong does a great job of tying up loose ends and leaves things in a place where the writers could pick the show back up again if we get a season three. I loved the little nod to Callis’s Battlestar Galactica role at the end of the episode when we see Simon’s new identity papers telling us that he is now called Guy Baltar. It’s a really fun little nugget for the actors fanbase to chew on.

Overall. This was a satisfying season finale but also works well as a series finale as well in terms of where it leaves the characters. Aiden Shaw who is really called Dwayne Cole gets redeemed by the US Government, which sort of makes him no longer an asset to Danny and Lexi should they have further adventures. Which is a great shame. But maybe Dwayne will get a job working with Bishop Chuck. Aside from that. The fact that Simon Hardwick is still in the wind and now posing as a certain Guy Baltar does leave things wide open should a third series get picked up. 

Blood & Treasure (S2 - EP13) Showdown in Hong Kong
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