In Review: Blood & Treasure (S2 – EP12) The Year of the Rat

The pieces of the Kahn's end-game fall into place as Danny and Lexi must put their differences aside in order to stop the Kahn and Simon before it's too late.

Synopsis: In The Year of the Rat, The pieces of the Kahn’s end-game fall into place as Danny and Lexi must put their differences aside in order to stop the Kahn and Simon before it’s too late.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. Father Chuck has been kidnapped by The Khan’s thugs and is putting up a good front until such time as he can be rescued. Meanwhile, in Frankfurt Danny and Lexi have witnessed a number of biological attacks and have begun to figure out Violet aka The Khan’s endgame. It turns out that the attacks and everything up to this point have all been smoke and mirrors to create a world panic so The Khan and her network can steal over a trillion dollars from the European bank. The idea is to collapse the world economy and take over. In short, the virus is fake.

Having executed a nifty rescue of Father Chuck. Shaw and Chuck reconnect with Danny and Lexi in Hong Kong and begin to execute their own plans to take Violet and her whole scheme down.


The Acting

Matt Barr and Sofia Pernas have some great scenes in this episode as we see Danny and Lexi put all the pieces together and figure out Violet’s nefarious plans. Likewise, Michelle Lee proves equally as formidable as the show’s villain, who still seems to be a couple of moves ahead of the show’s two leads. It’s quite interesting to see how Lee’s character of Violet responds to being held back by Simon Hardwick (James Callis). Especially when we learn that she is pretty much making Simon think that she respects his input into her plans.

Mark Gagliardi gets some great scenes as Father Chuck. The best of which is the moment where he gets to bring Cardinal Rossi to book for trying to use the Vatican bank to launcher stolen funds. Father Chuck needs to have his own spin-off show. 



The Year of the Rat does a brilliant job of laying the groundwork for what could well be a pretty epic finale. We get a somewhat fun and interesting cliffhanger that has me wondering if Danny and Lexi have anticipated Violet’s plans with regard to Hardwick and have a workaround plan in the works. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

Blood & Treasure (S2 - EP12) The Year of the Rat
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