In Review: Blood & Treasure (S2 – EP11) Raid on the Hidden Fortress

Shaw uses an underworld contact to help him and Danny learn her location and face off against the Kahn's interconnected gang of criminals.

Synopsis: In Raid on the Hidden Fortress Lexi is kidnapped after making a shocking discovery. Shaw uses an underworld contact to help him and Danny learn her location and face off against the Kahn’s interconnected gang of criminals.


The Story

Picking up from where last week left off. Violet has revealed herself as the Great Khan and taken Lexi with her in the hopes that she will join her. However, if Lexi refuses Violet is more than willing to interrogate her to find out who their Vatican contact is. Meanwhile, having escaped being killed by some of the Great Khan’s Ninja Danny and Shaw make use of an old contact in order to find out where Violet has taken Lexi and attempt a rescue, but they find that a rescue attempt will need some Ghengis Khan type Tactics in order to succeed. Luckily, Shaw, has that covered.

Elsewhere, Father Chuck has learned some new information about the Vatican’s involvement from Cardinal Rossi and is excited to share the information with Danny. So much so that he is traveling on his own without any cover, which leads to his capture. 


The Acting

Matt Barr and Michael James Shaw get some fun scenes together as Danny and Shaw set about finding the Great Khan and rescuing Lexi. Although, Shaw’s plummy English accent is the stuff of comedy. Especially the negotiation scene between Shaw and his underground contact.

Sofia Pernas and Michelle Lee also get some great scenes as Lexi pretty much tells Violet that she is not up for committing genocide in order to renew or maintain their friendship. A decision that puts Lexi in danger of being seriously hurt or killed as Violet is pretty single-minded in her plans for revenge on the western world. We also get a solid scene between James Callis and Pernas as Simon Hardick attempts to extract information from Lexi for Violet.



Raid on the Hidden Fortress is perhaps the paciest episode of the season thus far. The scenes where Danny and Shaw raid The Great Khan’s fortress are brilliantly pulled off as we see the two men use a combination of tactics and misdirection to find Lexi and get away.

The final scene is pretty much a nightmare scenario and makes for a quite epic cliffhanger for the week. It will be interesting to see what Danny, Lexi and Shaw’s next move will be. Given that its about far more than the spirit banner now. As the western world faces a real crisis as The Great Khan has made her move.

Blood & Treasure (S2 - EP11) Raid on the Hidden Fortress
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