In Review: Blood and Treasure – The Wages of Vengeance

The Carabinieri and Interpol agent Karlsson capture Fabi. Danny and Lexi figure a few things out. 

Synopsis: The Carabinieri and Interpol agent Karlsson capture Fabi. Danny and Lexi figure a few things out.

Review: Lexi learns some new information about her family and its connection to the Brotherhood of Serapis.

The Story

With the trail now cold in regards to both Farouk and the sarcophagus of Cleopatra. Danny looks to various places in Argentina and South America with regards to where the Nazi’s could have taken Cleopatra’s remains too. While doing his research Danny gets a tip from an old friend that leads him and Lexi to a former member of The Mossad who hunted Nazi’s down in order to bring them to trial. While talking to this man Lexi and Danny learn that the one remaining Nazi that he wasn’t able to catch ended up in Canada.

Elsewhere Gwen with some help from the Carabinieri has captured Captain Fabi. When questioned Fabi refuses to reveal his connections to the Brotherhood and is able to make his escape in order to track down and help Lexi and Danny who are in Canada.

In Canada Danny and Lexi meet with a man who is the son of the Nazi war Criminal they are trying to find. Their run-in with him gets them a step closer to finding Cleopatra. Fabi sacrifices himself to save Lexi’s life and as he dies he tells her that it was her mother who worked with him in the Brotherhood of Serapis.

The Acting

Antonio Cupo puts in a wonderful performance as Fabi who feels a sense of duty to both help and protect Lexi. Sofia Pernas continues to shine as Lexi and is given a great deal to do in this episode as she conveys the emotional impact on Lexi when given the news about her mother and her family connection to Serapis.


A solid episode, which peels a few more layers back when it comes to Lexi’s character development, but also brings our heroes a step or two closer to their goal.

We get a great fight sequence between Gwen and Fabi near the start of the episode, which sees Gwen showing off a range of roundhouse kicks.

With only four episodes left. It’s going to be fun finding out how they will wrap all of this up.

Blood and Treasure - The Wages of Vengeance
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