In Review: Blood and Treasure – The Revenge of Farouk

Secrets are exposed, fates are sealed, and Danny and Lexi's lives will never be the same after Farouk's master plan is put into action.

Synopsis: Secrets are exposed, fates are sealed, and Danny and Lexi’s lives will never be the same after Farouk’s master plan is put into action.

Review: Danny learns some horrible news.

The Story

Danny and Lexi are at odds with each other over whether or not Jay was involved with Farouk. As a result, they split off and decide to lead their own individual investigations. Danny chooses to follow up on the Brotherhood thinking that they may have answers while Lexi investigates whether or not Jay has a connection to Farouk.  Eventually, they both wind up meeting each other when a connection of Jay’s whom they have followed gets hit by a car. This leads them to a dwelling, which turns out to be one of Jay’s many homes. While there they discover a painting hanging, which was one of the paintings that were stolen during the art theft, which Danny’s father was involved with back in the 1990s.

We also get some flashbacks to Jay’s childhood in the 1950s as well as a flashback to the early 1970s where Jay is searching for Cleopatra on his own but meets up with a guide by the name of Zara Farouk. Jay hooks up with Zara while searching for Cleopatra, but ends up been called back home by his father who is apparently dying.

Back in the present day. Simon Hardwick has found intelligence, which leads him to believe that Cleopatra and Anthony’s sarcophaguses are being kept in a bank vault in Paris. This leads to Lexi, Shaw, and Danny robbing the bank.

The Acting

John Larroquette once again puts in a solid performance as Jay, who has a rather awkward scene with Danny when he has to come clean about the painting and a fair bit more. I also enjoyed The ridiculously bad accents that Matt Barr’s Danny and Michael James Shaw’s  Aiden Shaw put on during the bank robbery.


This is a fun episode, which leaves us with a very old school style of a cliffhanger.

Blood and Treasure - The Revenge of Farouk
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