In Review: Blood and Treasure – The Lunchbox of Destiny

Forouk steps up his schedule and in the process disposes of a couple of loose ends. 

Synopsis: The FBI makes an offer of help to Danny and Lexi, but it doesn’t come without strings. Forouk steps up his schedule and in the process disposes of a couple of loose ends.

Review: This episode gives us a little more of Danny’s backstory and includes a superb guest performance from Mark Valley.

The Story

Following on from last week. Danny and Lexi have been handed over to the FBI who offers them a deal. In exchange for their freedom and a detailed report of operation paperclip. The FBI wants Danny to talk to his dying father to help get back some stolen paintings. The only snag is Danny’s father is in jail for his part in stealing the paintings.

This story sees Danny and Lexi having to visit Boston and then Cuba.

Elsewhere Farouk has brought in a scientist to help him build a chemical weapon. He has also set out to have his former right-hand man executed before he talks.

The Acting

Mark Valley puts in a fantastic performance as Danny’s father. Particularly in those scenes that are set in the present day, which find him struggling with serious lung disease.

Oded Fehr also gets a fair bit of screen time this week and gets to show us just how much of a villain Farouk really is. The scene at the close where he dispassionately watches on as he poisons the scientist that has been making him a weapon was really strong.


This was a really strong episode, which gave an opportunity for Danny and Lexi to fix things between them while they do a side job from that of tracking Farouk. I really liked Lexi’s reaction to finding out that Danny ratted on his father in order to save a life.

I also enjoyed the brief visit we got to Cuba when Danny and Lexi went after the many that set his father up.

By the close of the story. Danny and Lexi are once more on the same page as each other, but it looks like their renewed partnership may well come at a cost given that Gwen is now onto Fabi.



Blood and Treasure - The Lunchbox of Destiny
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