In Review: Blood and Treasure – The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida

Danny and Lexi's quest to find Cleopatra leads them to Spain and the wreckage of an old World War 2 Train.

Synopsis: Danny and Lexi’s quest to find Cleopatra leads them to Spain and the wreckage of an old World War 2 Train.

Review: Blood and Treasure continues to weave an adventure yard, which has interesting mythology and its fair share of mystery attached.

The Story

A short visit to London to check out the private collection of Jessica Wong. A dangerous woman with a collection of Egyptian artifacts that could provide a clue to the whereabouts of Cleopatra’s sarcophagus. While at the party Lexi meets Simon Hardwick who reveals himself to know a lot more than we initially were led to believe. Hardwick teases Lexi with the promise of information about Cleopatra and the Brotherhood of Serapis. He gives her a small lead, which helps her and Danny figure out that Cleopatra was on a train during the second world war, which was being guarded by Serapis members of the German army.

Armed with this new information. Danny and Lexi head to the mountains of Andalusia in Spain but find that Feruks men have got there first, but are digging in the wrong place. With a little deductive reasoning Danny finds out where they should be and they both find the train, but they are not alone. During ensuing chaos of a shoot out. Danny finds a clue among some buried soldiers, which leads them to Morroco. But before heading to Casablanca. Lexi asks to make a stop in Rome first where she gets new information about her late father, which suggests that he was a member of the Brotherhood.

The Acting

This episode very much belongs to James Callis who finally gets more screen time and has some fun and intriguing scenes with Sofia Pernas as he tries to explain his role in things. Obviously, Hardwick is very much a character that cannot be trusted.

Simone Bailly puts in a fun performance as Jessica Wong.


Another fun episode, which sees the duo get a little closer to their endgame.

The mystery surrounding Lexi’s late father and the Serapis Brotherhood is a fun addition to what is already a fun mystery and adventure story. The flashbacks to the 1940s continue to add to the story in ways that are inspired by the history of the Nazi’s and their interest in acquiring artworks and occult items. We also get a few fun Indiana Jones references, which fell a bit flat. Still funny, but they could have been delivered with a little more mischief.

The question is. What will Danny and Lexi find in Morroco?

Blood and Treasure - The Ghost Train of Sierra Perdida
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