In Review: Blood and Treasure – The Brotherhood of Serapis

The Brotherhood of Serapis try to recruit Lexi by giving her an important lead to follow.

Synopsis: The Brotherhood of Serapis try to recruit Lexi by giving her an important lead to follow.

Review: The plot thickens as the Brotherhood becomes a more prominent piece in the show’s mythology.

The Story

Picking things up a matter of hours from where we left things last week. Danny is struggling to claw his way back to the surface after being very nearly buried alive at the old Panzer tank depot where they found some of Cleopatra’s treasure. Meanwhile, Lexi has been kidnapped by the Brotherhood of Serapis who attempt to recruit her and tell her not to tell Danny. Lexi’s wish to kill Faruk is in alignment with those of the Brotherhood.

Danny has been saved by Jay Reece who is apparently brokering a deal with German authorities to obtain some Railway Logs from Project Athena, which was what the Nazi’s called their plans to acquire ancient antiquities and priceless artwork. These logs can potentially lead to locating Cleopatra’s Sarcophagus.

At a celebration for the return of antiquities to Egyptian Authorities. Danny spots Lexi spraying various items in order to obtain Sharif Gazal fingerprints. He gets pulled into a plan to check out the lead that Lexi was given by the Brotherhood, which uncovers information that shocks Lexi. Sharif Gazal has been working with Faruk, which makes you wonder what Faruk has on him, but what shocks Lexi is the fact that her dead father also worked with Faruk.

The Acting

John Larroquette makes a welcome return as Jay, who is Danny’s mentor figure, but is he on the up and up when it comes to his dealings?

Chuck Shamata puts in a wonderful performance of acting very drunk in one of the episodes funnier scenes.


This was a fun episode with quite a few twists and turns as we begin to get a little bit of a clearer picture of all the players involved in the race to obtain Cleopatra’s remains.

I really enjoyed the scenes involving Fabi and Lexi as he pretty much gives her very little choice to help him and the brotherhood out.

I also liked the ambiguity concerning Jay’s character and how Dr. Ana Castillo pretty much chastises him for buying the information about the German Railway Logs.

Overall. Things are shaping up really well and I’m looking forward to seeing what next week’s episode reveals.



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