In Review: Blood and Treasure – Return of the Queen

The trail of Cleopatra's sarcophagus leads Danny and Lexi to the Cyprus where they catch up with Farouk.

Synopsis: The trail of Cleopatra’s sarcophagus leads Danny and Lexi to the Cyprus where they catch up with Farouk. Meanwhile, Gwen is given some sage advice by Father Chuck.

Review: Lexi learns the real connection between her family and the Brotherhood of Serapis as their mythology is blown wide open with a Da Vinci Code style twist.

The Story

Having been frozen out by the Italian Authorities who are looking to cover up Fabi’s connection to the Brotherhood. Gwen is forced to take drastic action, which leads her to take Father Chuck into custody. While in the interrogation room Gwen comes to learn that Chuck isn’t hiding anything from her and gets some sage advice from him. He pretty much says that there are two laws. Gods law and the law of men. He says Gods law is just whereas the laws of men are legal. This advice leads to Gwen sneaking into Fabi’s living quarters illegally in order to find justice.

Elsewhere, Danny and Lexi set a trap for Farouk, which backfires, but in his rush to getaway. The terrorist leaves his bag behind, which helps them track the terrorist. With a little help from Hardwick Lexi and Danny managed to find Farouk in Cyprus and they managed to recover Anthonys Sarcophagus, but Farouk winds up dead. Having cut the head off the proverbial snake. Danny knows that Farouks plans will most likely be carried out by his followers and makes a pact with Gwen to share any and all information that could stop Farouks plans.

Meanwhile, Lexi learns the truth about her families connection to Serapis and finds out that the Brotherhood was set up by the Children of Anthony and Cleopatra and her mother was descendant of those children.

The Acting

Mark Gagliardi puts in a fun performance as Father Chuck this week and the brief scene he has with Gwen where he suggests that she should paint outside the lines in order to find justice was really well done.

I also enjoyed James Callis’s performance this week. I especially enjoyed the scene where he tries to talk his way into the loading bay at the docks by bribing the guards with football tickets.


This was a fun episode, which saw the mythology of Serapis unravel in a few fun ways. I particularly enjoyed the Da Vinci Code style twist at the close of the episode, which concerns Lexi being a distant relation to Cleopatra. The other revelation that Hardwick has more information about Lexi’s father may prove interesting in light of what has been revealed here.

Like most viewers of this show. I’m wondering where they will eventually find Cleopatra and look forward to finding out.

Blood and Treasure - Return of the Queen
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