In Review: Blood and Treasure – Legacy of the Father

Danny and Lexi head off to an island in the Bermuda Triangle

Synopsis: The mysterious disappearance of Everado Sanchez leads Danny and Lexi to a valuable clue, which leads to the Bermuda Triangle.

Review: The plot twists continue as our heroes get tantalizing close to the endgame.

The Story

In Rome Jay is making preparations to show off the sarcophagus of Mark Anthony to the public, but his plans are premature as the museum is raided, but by whom is the question.

Meanwhile, Danny and Lexi follow a clue with help from Shaw as they head off to an island in the Bermuda Triangle in search of Everado Sanchez who mysteriously vanished in 1993. As they arrive they find what they are looking for, but are bested and betrayed by Shaw’s friend who helps take Cleopatra away with some other men. The question is. Are these men connected to Farouk or with the Brotherhood?

The Acting

John Larroquette puts in another fun but understated performance as we get a few flashback scenes with him and a young Danny, which will most likely play a bigger role in next weeks episode.

Michael James Shaw once again provides us with some fun moments as the very shifty Aiden Shaw who insists on helping Danny and Lexi in their mission to find Sanchez. The interplay between Lexi, Danny, and Shaw is always fun to watch and this episode is no exception.


This was a really solid episode in which we get a lot of answers, but also more questions as it becomes clear that the theft of Mark Anthony’s sarcophagus is not as straightforward as we think. I really enjoyed the moment of uncertainty at the close of the episode as Danny starts to realize that his mentor may not be all that he seems to be. The flashbacks to a young 20 something Danny meeting Jay for the first time makes this moment at the close of the episode all the more impactful. Especially when it comes to that line of dialogue where Jay says, “Don’t let the suit define you.”

So we are left with questions about who is the insider that has been making it easy for artifacts to be stolen almost as soon as they are recovered and to what end.

I can’t wait to see how all of this plays out in the next episode.

Blood and Treasure - Legacy of the Father
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