In Review: Blood and Treasure – Escape from Casablanca

Danny and Lexi must improvise in order to stay alive and out of jail when they're stuck in Casablanca

Synopsis: Danny and Lexi must improvise in order to stay alive and out of jail when they’re stuck in Casablanca with both law enforcement and their enemies hot on their heels. Hardwick’s personal investigation into the Brotherhood of Serapis lands him in a dangerous situation.

Review: Our duo gets closer to Cleopatra’s sarcophagus as they hang out in Casablanca.

The Story

Following up on a lead that they found in last weeks episode. Danny and Lexi head to Casablanca and find that they are soon having to dodge unwanted attention from Faruk’s right hand Omar and of course Karlsson. As Karlson catches up with them. They find the outer part of Cleopatra’s Sarcophagus and use it as bait to help Karlson capture Faruk. All doesn’t go as smoothly as plans when Danny learns that Lexi has been working with someone other than him.

Meanwhile, Hardwick has a run in with Fabi and the Brotherhood.

The Acting

Sofia Pernas continues to shine as the rather sneaky Lexi who is genuinely trying to turn over a new leaf and make an effort with Danny. And we get a fun performance from Richard Zeppieri as Carlo Velardi who pursues both Danny and Lexi to Casablanca because he has a price on their heads, which is expunged by the close of the episode.

James Callis continues to do his somewhat shifty take on Hardwick.


A solid outing, which is a little lighter on the action than last week, but seeing Lexi run across rooftops and such toward the close of the episode was fun to watch.

The location work was really nicely done and managed to capture the feel of Casablanca right down to the belly dancers and decor.

With only six more episodes left to go. I’m beginning to wonder how much more they can stretch the story arc out. Hopefully quite far given that they still have plenty of countries to find themselves in as the search continues.

Blood and Treasure - Escape from Casablanca
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