In Review: Black Terror #3

The Black Terror has bitten off more than he can chew on his quest to find out the ultimate fate of his sidekick, Tim.

Synopsis: The Black Terror has bitten off more than he can chew on his quest to find out the ultimate fate of his sidekick, Tim.

Review: This issue gives us a somewhat Kick-Ass style take on The Black Terror’s sidekick as he fights crime with a modern Black Terror in order to find the urn.

The Story

Told entirely from Tim’s point of view. This opening issue of the story arc sees Tim growing up in a modern world with memories of him fighting alongside Black Terror during the second world war. He lives in a world where the heroes he served with were pretty much erased from history, which pretty much means that his parents think him to be an odd kid as do his peers at school. We go through Tim’s childhood years seeing him get bullied for seeming to know so much as well as his cocksure attitude that he is so much more than any of the kids he is growing up around.

Things get interesting though when Tim reaches his teenage years and stops aging. He winds up fighting alongside a bunch of teenage crime fighters, who much like the character of ‘Kick-Ass’ from Mark Millar’s books have no powers. Quite late in the issue Tim teams with a modern-day version of Black Terror and seems to be the person in charge in the relationship as he gets away with using morally questionable methods in order to get information out of drug addicts and so forth.


Ruairi Coleman provides some pretty decent artwork for the issue. I had to laugh when I saw a little baby Tim telling his parents that he was a bonafide sidekick to a superhero. The image of the baby talking almost lept off the pages because it seemed to be so animated.

There’s a great set of pages around halfway into the issue where Tim and Lil Sparton walk into a classroom to find that all their team of teen heroes has been massacred. The level of detail in terms of blood and gore was quite shocking.


Overall this is a promising beginning to what could turn out to be an interesting story arc given that Tim is looking for the magical urn that created the project superheroes team in hopes that it will reunite him with his version of Black Terror.  The dialogue is quick and snappy and some of the morally questionable things that Tim gets up to in order get information are rather funny if not also a little dated. I mean giving a weed addict oregano is about as old school as it gets, but it works given that Tim is old school and always will be.

Black Terror #3
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