In Review: Black Terror (2019-) #2

The Black Terror faces his most dangerous foe yet…

Synopsis: The Black Terror faces his most dangerous foe yet…HIPPIES! A young woman finds herself in the midst of a cult led by a man who claims he can give them all incredible abilities. Find out their link to the Black Terror and their sordid key to their powers!

Review: To say that this second issue was a bit trippy would be an understatement.

The Story

This issue launched straight into it by taking us to a hippy commune which is being run by some dude called Father Kind, but this commune is a little different in that it seems to be more of a cult. In order to create a certain energy, Father Kind has managed to kidnap The Black Terror and has him in a cage in the middle of the camp. Father Kind gets his hippie followers to focus on the caged crimefighter in order to raise the energies, which is pretty far out man! In the middle of all of this craziness, Father Kind is having some sort of domestic with his girlfriend, who is having none of it. Like our Queen over here in England. She is not amused. In short. As the reader, you are not sure what is going on until the final few pages, but even that doesn’t seem too logical.

The Artwork

Ruairi Coleman does a pretty decent job of drawing some pages of hippies doing their thing. Mostly naked of course and when it comes to the female characters he manages to draw them in such a way that it protects their modesty. The artwork put me in mind of some of those old 1970’s films you see about Woodstock and largely succeeds at conveying the mood.


Perhaps the trippiest comic I have come across in recent years. The story seemed to be somewhat incidental to what was going on in the pages. But thankfully it did get to an endpoint that made a little sense and Black Terror lives to fight another day.

Overall. Nowhere near as strong as the opening issue, but not quite bad enough to put me off coming back for the next issue.

Black Terror (2019-) #2
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