In Review: Black Lightning – The Book of War: Chapter Three: Liberation

Black Lightning faces off against Gravedigger.

Synopsis: Black Lightning faces off against Gravedigger.

The Story

Black Lightning concludes its third season with a bang, crash and a wallop as Black Lightning, Thunder, and Lightning look to take down Markovia and Gravedigger.

With the ASA pulling out of Freeland. It is down to our team of heroes to take down Gravedigger and his nefarious plans to get some justice for what America did to him and every meta-human that followed. But before Black Lightning can defeat Gravedigger, who happens to be his Great Uncle, it needs Lynn to devise a serum that can take all the extra powers away from Gravedigger in order to level the contest.

Elsewhere, Khalil is locked into the fight of his life as he takes on the darker side of himself, which the ASA created and exploited.

The Acting

We say goodbye to Damon Gupton this week who for the last three seasons has played Detective Bill Henderson, who has been an ally to Black Lightning throughout the series. Thankfully he gets a great final moment where he essentially saves Black Lightnings life. The star this week though has to be Wayne Brady who once again rocked every scene he was in as Gravedigger. The confrontation scenes between him and Cress Williams as Black Lightning were wonderfully acted out with some impressive CGI and Stunt work matched by some brilliantly delivered dialogue. Even when Black Lightning reveals that they are related. Gravedigger does not back down from his mission.


This is the perfect conclusion to what has been the best season of ‘Black Lightning’ so far. Everyone got their moment to shine and the action was thick and fast as was the drama and character beats. The writers will be hard-pressed to match what they have done this series but have thankfully left themselves some wiggle room by leaving a few loose ends to be picked up on for season four. These include Lynn’s ongoing struggle with her addiction to Greenlight, Tobias Whales’ plans to return to Freeland, and the fact that Gravedigger managed to escape from the complex after Black Lightning defeated him. Added to that is the fact that the ASA is no more, but they are always remnants from Government Organizations that will rise from the ashes. So I’d not be surprised if something else crops up in the years to come.

In conclusion. ‘Black Lightning’ continues to be the best all-round superhero series on CW, but for how long can it retain this quality of storytelling?

Black Lightning - The Book of War: Chapter Three: Liberation
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