In Review: Black Lightning (S4 – EP5) The Book of Ruin: Chapter One – Picking Up The Pieces

Gambi supports Black Lightning as he departs on a special mission.
The Book of Ruin

Synopsis: In the first chapter of ‘The Book of Ruin’. Gambi supports Black Lightning as he departs on a special mission. Meanwhile, Grace tries to persuade Anissa to let her guard down.


The Story

After having flamed out in last week’s episode. Jen aka Lightning has been deconstructed from matter to antimatter. In order to try and fix things. Jefferson, Anissa, and Lyn work out some science stuff with Gambi and TC. With the use of a CERN Level device, which Jefferson has borrowed from Starlabs. The plan is to collect all of Jen’s energy and reconstitute her using the technology that they have borrowed. But first Jefferson must don the Black lighting suit to go to Space and collect his daughters energy.

Meanwhile, the new Freeland Police commissioner holds a press conference and accuses Lightning of having murdered the guy that Jefferson beat up a few episodes back. To that end, she puts an unwilling Detective Shakur in charge of a new Spec Ops team for hunting down the Meta-Humans.

Elsewhere, Tobias Whale plans his next move and seems happy that events have brought all the Pearce family together. While Lala and The 100 agree to a Truce with Destiny and her gang.


The Acting

‘The Book of Ruin’ has a few solid acting performances from the main cast. Cress Williams gets a nice moment as Jefferson tells Gambi (James Remar) a story about the one time he lost Jenifer while shopping. The scene is particularly poignant because they are not sure if the process of recombining Jens molecules is going to work.

As far as newer cast members go. I was really impressed with Christopher Ammanuel who plays TC. He also has a great scene with Gambi in which he is blaming himself for what happened. Of course, Gambi being the father figure does his best to reassure TC that he was not to blame.



Overall ‘The Book of Ruin’ chapter one, which was titled ‘Picking up the Pieces’ is quite literally doing what it says on the tin. Jefferson is beginning to own his part in the family’s collective trauma and relations are beginning to ease between him and Lynn. However, it isn’t as easy for Anissa when it comes to her trying to reintegrate her Wife Grace into her life.

The episode’s ending was well set up with the twist. But, I am sorry to say that I saw it coming. That said. It will make the next couple of weeks a bit more interesting.

Black Lightning (S4 - EP5) The Book of Ruin: Chapter One
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