In Review: Black Lightning (S4 – Ep2) The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Two – Unacceptable Losses

In 'Unacceptable Losses'. The war between the 100 and the Kobra Cartel rages on; Lynn continues to be concerned about Jefferson. 
Unacceptable Losses

Synopsis: In ‘Unacceptable Losses’. The war between the 100 and the Kobra Cartel rages on; Lynn continues to be concerned about Jefferson.


The Story

The war between Lala’s 100 and the Korbra Cartel, which is being led by Destiny rages on. But innocents are being caught in the crossfire. The new Chief of Police is determined to make her mark and put a stop to it. But she also plans to use deadly force on any Meta-Human’s that get in her way. To that end, she has ordered new and improved NEG Weapons that are six times more effective on Meta – Humans than the last generation. In order to try and pre-emptively neutralize the threat of these NEG’s to Black Lightning, Thunder, and Lightning. Gambi has taken a job with Monovista Corporation who makes the weapons.

When a friend’s son gets killed in the crossfire between the 100 and Kobra Cartel. Jefferson sets out to get justice, but he is still refusing to use the Black Lightning suit. Meanwhile, Lynn is still injecting herself with Meta Genes and uses them to keep tabs on Lightning. But when Lynn gets hurt looking out for Lightning. She is told to step off and leave the crime-fighting to Thunder and Lightning. Additionally, while Lightning sets out to break up a shoot-out between two gangs. She is unable to get Gambi on the coms. Jefferson has a meeting with Tobias Whale as the two get the measure of each other. Tobias warns Jefferson that he is coming for him and his family.

Indeed the traumas and fallout from the war have had a bad effect on the Pearce family as communications have broken down.



Cress Williams continues to channel the darker side of Jefferson Pearce as he goes more Rogue Lightning than he does Black Lightning. The loss of his friend’s son is just one of many Unacceptable Losses in his life. The scene where he is talking alone with the therapist about this is very revealing of where he is at. But it also suggests a way back for him. The final scene where Jefferson finds the kid that killed his friend’s son is pretty hardcore. Jefferson is past caring and it is very apparent that he is not just beating as a means of justice for his friend.

Teesha Renee gets to make more of a mark for herself this week as Destiny. It would seem that she has very much taken charge of Kobra Cartel and is out to get Lala no matter the costs. William Catlett matches Teesha Renee’s commitment which is only going to make for some interesting confrontations in the week’s ahead. Especially with the power vacuum that has been left in postwar Freeland. We get a fun scene near the end where Black Bird gets the two gang leaders together and tells them that the car park where the Homeless of Freeland are living is out of bounds.



A bit stronger than last week’s opening episode, but I can’t help thinking that the writers are going to milk Jefferson’s grief and reaction to it for all it is worth. Though the seeds have definitely been planted for his eventual recovery. But he will have to confront his unacceptable losses in order to recover his sense of self.

The more interesting aspect of this episode was the power vacuum that is being fought over by the two rival gangs. The fact that Tobias Whale is going legit or indulging in some white-collar crime means that the game is on for a new legitimate crime boss.

Black Lightning (S4 - Ep2) The Book of Reconstruction: Chapter Two - Unacceptable Losses
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