In Review: Black Lightning (S4 – EP11) The Book of Reunification: Chapter Two – Trial and Errors

Jefferson takes Khalil up on his offer to help.
Trial and Errors

Synopsis: In ‘Trial and Errors’. Jefferson takes Khalil up on his offer to help. Meanwhile, Lynn finds herself wrestling with what could be the biggest decision of her life. Lastly, Tobias follows through on a hunch.


The Story

When TC calls Jefferson into Gambi’s shop. He gets a surprise when he finds out that TC and Khalil have been staying in contact. Indeed, it proves to be fortuitous that he has because Khalil presents Jefferson with a vital piece of information. Tobias Whales payroll. And as they go through it. Jefferson, Khalil, and TC learn that Looker has been using her powers of control to help Tobias frame Jefferson and his wife Lynn. Khalil offers to go after Looker, which is an offer that Jefferson happily accepts.

Meanwhile, Gambi and Anissa have a meeting with Lauren Caruso and tell her that Tobias Whale has been using and stealing technology from her company. Caruso is suspicious at first and still angry with Gambi. But when Anissa shows her the evidence she is compelled to help them.

Elsewhere, tragedy strikes again for JJ formally Jen when her new boyfriend Uriah is murdered in front of her by Red. He warns her to stop being Lightning or more people will die.


The Acting

It’s nice to see Cress Williams get to portray the more positive and forward-thinking version of Jefferson and Black Lightning. And it’s all thanks to Khalil who has proved to be a vital piece in turning things around for the Peirce family. Jordan Calloway does a brilliant job of playing Khalil’s duel personally and it is great to see both sides of that personality playing well together. The scene where they go after Looker is fantastic to watch. I’m so pleased that Calloway will carry on playing Khalil in his own series once Black Lightning is done.

‘Trial and Errors’ also gives us some great scenes from Wallace Smith as we see Detective Shakur finally learn that Jefferson is Black Lightning. Added to that he gets to share a pivotal moment in the episode where we learn that Lynns antidote to Looker’s silver venom, which takes control of people’s minds, works.



‘Trial and Errors’ is a fantastic episode that plays upon many of the things that have been set up in the last few weeks. I particularly enjoyed Khalil’s fight with Looker and how she was surprised to find herself double-teamed. I also enjoyed the scenes where Jefferson began to trust again. The moment he tells Detective Shakur that he is Black lightning was really dramatic. And rightly so. I guess that from Jefferson’s point of view. It was becoming a burden to continue keeping it a secret.

Overall. It’s all perfectly set up for next week. Especially if the final scene of the episode is anything to go by. Shit is about to get real.

Black Lightning (S4 - EP11) The Book of Reunification: Chapter Two - Trial and Errors
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