In Review: Black Lightning (S4 – Ep10) The Book of Reunification: Chapter One: Revelations

Black Lightning sends Gambi an SOS.

Synopsis: In ‘Revelations’. Black Lightning sends Gambi an SOS. Meanwhile, Lynn finds herself in some serious trouble. JJ struggles without her powers.


The Story

Picking up the story from last week. Tobias Whale has stolen the emitter that Gambi was working on and has used it to somehow depower all the meta-humans in Freeland. This leaves Thunder, Lightning, and Black Lightning in dangerous peril. But thankfully Gambi has put contingencies into their suits. Black Lightning is able to get away from Ishmael thanks to a cloaking device in his suit. While Lightning is saved by some sort of energy bubble. Thunder who cuts things very close in the path of an oncoming car gets saved by her girlfriend Grace who has also lost her powers.

Matters are made worse when the gang learns that Lynn has been arrested on several charges to do with violating people’s civil liberties. In order to get herself out of jail. Lynn arranges with Anissa to call an Ex-boyfriend called Kieth who happens to be a very expensive lawyer.

With them all being depowered. The gang has to figure out how they have lost their powers and figure out a way to get them back. The key comes in some medical research that Lynns company was doing. Which eventually enables the gang to trace the information back to Tobias Whale. But who is the cabal of villains that Tobias is working for and what hold do they have over him?


The Acting

Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III gets to twirl his metaphorical villainous mustache as Tobias Whales’ plans come to fruition. Within a very short time of having used the emitter on our heroes. He finally takes control of all the gangs of Freeland as well as his plant within law enforcement. I loved the scene where he tests the emitter by pointing and shooting a gun at Red only to see the bullet stop short. Also, the scene with the mysterious cabal of villains was good too. Especially given that it’s the only time this season that we have seen Tobias under any stress.

Jordan Calloway returns as Painkiller who is doing his own investigation into Tobias Whale and his activities and has managed to steal his payroll. He gets some solid support from his hacker friend Philky (Alexander Hodge) who is also helping the Black Lightning team on the side. Have said it before and will say it again. But there really is scope here for a spin-off with Painkiller and his team.

Finally, we continue to get great performances from Laura Kariuki as JJ. This episode is particularly good for her as she gets to explore JJ’s struggle with her identity and what losing her powers means in regards to that.

Overall. ‘Revelations’ has solid acting performances throughout. Seeing the heroes all lose their powers opens up all sorts of interesting character exploration. I particularly enjoyed the scene where Grace was questioning whether or not they are all better off without their powers. As all she would like is to have a normal life with Anissa.



‘Revelations’ delivers what it says on the tin. We finally get some reveals in regards to what Tobias has been up to and who has been helping him. It’s fun seeing Tobias on top again.

Black Lightning (S4 - Ep10) The Book of Reunification: Chapter One: Revelations
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