In Review: Black Lightning (S4 – Ep1) The Book of Reconstruction Chapter One

Jefferson Pierce is still mourning the death of his long time friend Detective Henderson.
Black Lightning

Synopsis: This week on ‘Black Lightning’. Jefferson Pierce is still mourning the death of his long time friend Detective Henderson. Meanwhile, Gambi is presented with an interesting opportunity. Lastly, Lynn and Jefferson are still not able to see eye to eye.


The Story

Picking up the story a year after the events of last season. Jefferson is still grieving the loss of Detective Henderson and is keeping family and friends at arm’s length. Furthermore, he is refusing to wear the Black Lightning suit and is taking careless risks.

Meanwhile, Tobias Whale has returned and seems to have undergone a come to Jesus moment because he is operating as a legitimate businessman. Of course, the Jefferson clan knows full well that it is a ruse. Even, so Tobias’s return doesn’t unify them. Jefferson continues to do his own thing while his daughters and wife do likewise.

Jefferson, who reluctantly takes a meeting with Detective Hassan. Who is an old friend of a friend.


The Acting

The acting performances were all pretty strong. Cress Williams looked and acted suitably depressed throughout and had some strong scenes. One of which was with Gambi (James Remar) who tries to shake Jefferson out of his doldrums.

Wallace Smith gets a nice introduction as Detective Hassan Shakur who looks like he is going to be an intriguing character. I liked his scene with Jefferson who is posing as Black Lightning. I also enjoyed his final scene where he interviews Jefferson about the two cops that got hurt.

Christine Adams continues to give us a good interpretation of Lynn’s drug issue and the fact that she is continuing to inject herself with Meta Genes. While Nafessa Williams and China Anne McClain try and fill the void left by Black Lightning as Thunder and Lightning. Although the latter could well have a bit of a death wish.



In a word. This opening episode in a word was ‘Glum’. The underlying theme being trauma. Mostly post-traumatic stress and how Jefferson and his family are dealing with it. Or not as the case may be. We see Jefferson taking reckless chances by using his powers without the Black Lightning suit. We also see Lightning and Thunder taking unnecessary chances while their mother Lynn continues to use herself as a guinea pig.

The return of Tobias is obviously setting up the season story arc. While the introduction of Hassan proposes some interesting possibilities given that he doesn’t appear to be as by the book as Henderson was.

Overall. A pretty gloomy start, which I suspect will be a turn off for some.

Black Lightning (S4 - Ep1) The Book of Reconstruction Chapter One
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