In Review: Bigfoot Hunters

Some Bigfoot fun with a twist

Synopsis: Bigfoot Hunters sees  Brian Emond, a millennial clickbait reporter longing to work on serious news stories get sent into the Appalachian Mountains in search of Bigfoot.


The Story

When reporter Brian Emond and his producer Zach lose out on having their own investigative journalism show to Dirty Dolla$ign$, a moronic rapper who serves as food/cannabis correspondent. Their online news network, which seems to specialize in clickbait reporting. Sends them into the Appalachian Mountains to find Bigfoot. While there they rely on the expertise and guidance of renowned Bigfoot researcher Jeff who has his own youtube channel on mythical monsters.

As they go deeper into the mountains. The three men get into all manner of trouble as they inadvertently find all manner of trouble.


The Acting

Bigfoot Hunters is very much a mocumentary so it takes a certain amount of skill for actors in these types of films to keep a straight face. However, Brian Emond who is essentially playing a fictional version of himself does a brilliant job. Quite how he managed to keep a straight face given some of the situations he was placed in is amazing. Credit should also go to Jeffrey Stephenson who plays Zach and Brian’s guide, Jeff. Emond scores a few laughs off of Jeff’s ranting YouTube channel called the Cryptic Commander.



Bigfoot Hunters, which will be released through streaming services on 8 November is a moderately funny mockumentary-style film in which Brian Edmond is trying desperately hard to score himself a serious reporting gig. The scenes that introduce Brian and his producer Zach are quite funny and on the nose when it comes to the type of clickbait news that we see on various youtube channels. We get to see Brian do a piece on Homelessness, which gets repackaged as “urban camping” as well as something about artisanal antibiotics that double as a CBD Oil that is also a form of CryptoCurrency.

Of course, the question everyone will ask is, do we see Bigfoot? The answer to that is a maybe. As he does make an appearance, but its not in a way that you’d expect.

Overall. This is a fairly fun mockumentary movie, which at an hour and twenty-four minutes. Has just the right run time. Its the type of film you can enjoy while having a few cold ones.

Bigfoot Hunters
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