In Review: Big Game #5 (of 5) – MINISERIES FINALE


Synopsis: MINISERIES FINALE This is it! The double-length conclusion to the best company crossover in years. We’ve seen all the beloved Millarworld characters together for the first time and watched as Nemesis murdered them one by one. But is there a chink of hope somewhere he’s forgotten about? This book is a must for fans of KICK-ASS, KINGSMAN, THE MAGIC ORDER, NEMESIS, and all your favorites.


The Story

In this final issue of Big Game, things get messy and really quick. In the last issue, Morax sent his wizard Diabolos back through time to go after Wesley Gibson. It allowed Hit Girl to also do a spot of time travel, but to three days before Wesley Gibson’s plan kicked off. This allows Hit-Girl to warn Edison Crane and the Chrononauts and pretty much saves all the superheroes from Nemesis’s mad killing spree. However, adding more fun to the pot is the fact that Cordelia Moonstone and the Magic Order are now able to intervene as Diabolos is technically a wizard and poses a magical threat to the earth.


The Artwork

Pepe Larraz puts in an amazing shift for this final issue as we see all the superheroes that have been killed in previous issues miraculously resurrected thanks to the magic of time travel. We get treated to some magnificent splash pages showing us the carnage as the superheroes and The Magic Order go after Wesley Gibson and Diabolos and retake the Earth. We get lots of gaping holes blown through people’s heads as Hit-Girl and Wesley Gibson have somewhat of a showdown.



This is a satisfying conclusion to Mark Millar’s first-ever crossover event to feature all of the heroes and villains that he has created over the years. I really enjoyed the time travel element and how Hit Girl uses it to even the odds. I also enjoyed the sequence between Cordelia Moonstone and Kick-Ass and how that sort of sets things up for The Magic Order to come from out of the shadows.

Overall. This has been an enjoyable series and I look forward to whatever other crossover events that Millar comes up with.

Big Game #5 (of 5)
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