In Review: Big Game #4 (of 5)

The Chrononauts might be dead, but Hit-Girl can use their time travel technology to go back to the world of Empress. 

Synopsis: This month on The Big Game. The Chrononauts might be dead, but Hit-Girl can use their time travel technology to go back to the world of Empress.


The Story

Having escaped certain death in last months issue. Hit Girl finds herself 65 million years in Earth’s past and soon gets taken prisoner by Aine the daughter of the alien dictator Morax who has built a huge city on prehistoric Earth. As Aine takes Hit Girl for an audience with her father. The dictator learns that Earth’s future doesn’t have any record of him or his kingdom. Morax is consumed with rage about this and gets his wizard to repair the Chrononaut Suit and use its technology to send a fleet of his ships forward through time.

Back on present-day Earth. Wesley Gibson and Nemesis have all but wiped out all the superheroes. But Wesley has a gut feeling that his fight isn’t over.



 Pepe Larraz continues to produce some great art. We get an epic opening page in which we see Hit Girl nearly taken out by a dinosaur. However, the best image in the book is when we see Aine and Hitgirl approaching Morax’s city. The image of a city in the middle of a prehistoric landscape looks awesome. I also loved the imagery where we see the Wizard looking at future events via data he is receiving from the chronosuit. 



Mark Millar sets things up for a really big finale issue as we see Morax’s forces come through a time portal on the last page. I look forward to seeing how Wesley Gibson and Nemesis fare when up against Morax and his forces. And given that Morax has a Wizard in his employ. It will mean that Cordelia and the Magic Order will no longer be breaking any rules by entering the fray. Bring on issue 5.

Big Game #4 (of 5)
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