In Review: Big Game #3

Nemesis is murdering his way through all your favorite Millarworld characters.

Synopsis: In issue three of Big Game. Nemesis is murdering his way through all your favorite Millarworld characters. The Chrononauts are down, but now Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, and Huck are in his sights. Will the Kingsman spy organization be able to stop him before he follows through on his master’s wishes to wipe every single super off the face of the Earth?


The Story

The Fraternity, which includes Wesley Gibson, Nemesis, and a bunch of other villains have successfully murdered The Chrononauts and continue to take down other heroes of the Millarverse. But now they have their sights set on Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, and Huck. First on that list is Huck who is pretty much taken out right away. From that point forward we see Dave Lizewski looking to become Kick-Ass and answer the president’s call for all older superheroes to form a massive team. Despite his wife’s misgivings, Dave decides to don the suit one more time, but he could be walking straight toward his death. To make matters worse, The Magic Order has been watching and cannot intervene. 

Elsewhere, Eggsy and Hit-Girl have infiltrated The Fraturnity’s base of operations and come under attack from Wesley Gibson and his forces while trying to rescue a scientist that could be the game changer that the heroes need to win this fight.


The Artwork

Pepe Larraz does some great work with the art in this issue. I loved the opening sequence of panels where we see Nemesis in a jet fighter searching for Huck along the North Pole. To say that this encounter does not end well is a massive understatement. But it is the final page that I really enjoyed.



This book, which includes all the heroes and villains that Mark Millar has created continues to weave a fun story. However, seeing so many heroes seen off is starting to make me wonder when we are going to see one of the surviving heroes get a victory. I think they’re about due.

Big Game #3
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