In Review: Big Game #1

BIG GAME pulls together KICK-ASS, KINGSMAN, NEMESIS, THE MAGIC ORDER, and ALL the Millarworld franchises in one special event.

Description: Big Game, The comics event of the summer is here!

Okay, this is so top secret we can’t even show you the main cover because it spoils something MASSIVE. Just trust us when we say that this is going to be the comic book event of 2023—and it’s NOT what you’re expecting.

Does the crossover really go that wide? Yes, it does. BIG GAME pulls together KICK-ASS, KINGSMAN, NEMESIS, THE MAGIC ORDER, and ALL the Millarworld franchises in one special event. This must be ordered like CRAZY!


The Story

When the various supervillains decide to team up it creates havoc for the magic order and indeed the rest of the Millarworld heroes. Apparently, recent history has wiped all memory of a time when the heroes served justice to the world. All memory of these heroes has been wiped out. This is why the general public has been obsessed with superhero movies and the like. As they are fragments of their lost memories. The supervillains have been running the world since 1986 from behind the scenes.

Looking to stay in control. Wesley Gibson (Wanted) who is in charge of all the villains is looking to retain control by killing off all the new heroes.

Trying to stop him. Is one of the old superheroes who is trying to bring together a team to counter Gibson’s team. In this issue, she looks to bring in the world’s smartest man Dr. Edison Crane, who fans will remember from the Prodigy series that ran a couple of years back. Also helping out are The Ambassadors, which is a team of normal people who are given superpowers via a serum that has been developed by Choon-He. The idea is that each country has an Ambassador with superpowers who would go by the name of their homeland so as to save any confusion.


The Artwork

Pepe Larraz does some solid artwork throughout this first issue and captures the mood of the book really well. Obviously, no expense is spared when it comes to depicting some of the gruesome stuff. Such as the aftermath of an attack on a train by none other than Nemesis himself who invites his persuaders to come and get it. I really loved the artwork where we see a huge archeological site where we meet up with Edison Crane who is being conscripted by a mysterious woman who turns out to be one of the first superheroes.



This opening issue does a good job of setting up the story and the sense of danger that we are likely to experience throughout the book’s run. The villains are quite compelling. And I loved the introductory panels in which we see a member of The Magic Order get a glimpse at how bad stuff is going to get. There is a moment in this book that really raised a chuckle from me because it saw Dave Lizewski aka Kick-Ass writing an E-mail to Choon-He to ask if he could join The Ambassadors.

My main concern before picking this one up was that I’d find it fairly difficult to follow given that it’s been a couple of years since I last read any of Mark Millar’s work. Luckily for me. There were enough familiar characters for me to feel that I could get on board with it. And the newer characters such as The Ambassadors were easy enough for me to look up on Google to find out more about.

So I’d say this is accessible to you if it has been a while since you have read anything from the Millarverse.

Big Game #1
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