In Review: Big Finish: UNIT – SILENCED

Decades after their defeat by the Eleventh Doctor, the Silence prepare to rise against humanity....

Synopsis: Decades after their defeat by the Eleventh Doctor, the Silence prepare to rise against humanity….

Review: Conspiracy theories, political intrigue and election rigging abound as Kate Stewart, Osgood and the UNIT team take on The Silence.

This latest adventure from the UNIT team sees an extreme right wing politician get into power thanks to the manipulations of The Silents, but unlike Trump and the recent UK referendum. This guy wins by a landslide as the manipulations and subliminal messages of the Silence tell the majority of the country not only to vote, but also who to vote for. Not even X-Factor could keep these people away from the polls. Which kills my long standing suspicion that Simon Cowell is a member of The Silence…. Well if not him definitely that Louis Walsh. But that Donald Trump. He’s definitely a Sontaran.

Either way all four episodes of this link up to make the same story.

‘House of Silents’ sees the Silents inhabiting the home of Miss Faversham who has her fingers in various philanthropic ventures as she spends he money to help others. UNIT has her under surveillance, but for some reason everything Captain Josh Carter observes is immediately forgotten before he is able to record his findings. UNIT becomes aware of this when tipped off Miss McGee and investigative reporter.

‘Square One’ sees UNIT drawn into investigating the hows and whys of why Kenneth LeBlanc and his controversial political movement is gathering so much momentum. Kate Stewart with the help of Osgood and Sam Bishop develop a system in which they can try and remember seeing The Silents, but its a very hit and miss system.

‘Silent Majority’ sees Kenneth LeBlanc very much in the lead of the election and close to winning it by a landslide. UNIT must race against the clock in order to try and stop the Silence’s plan from taking effect, but the power of subliminal suggestion may just be to strong for them to fight against.

‘In Memory Alone’ this final story sees UNIT begin to wake up from the influence of the Silents and as the Silance’s decades plans begin to unravel. Kate Stewart and Osgood mount a counter initiative by trying to unite all forces by sharing information.

They say that art imitates life. Well if that is true. It means that all the recent referendums and elections in both the UK and US have been rigged by The Silence. Joking aside though the timing of this release is extremely fortuitous for Big Finish given how much the events in the story manage to mirror in small ways the events that we have witnessed this year on both the UK and US political landscapes.

Once more the writing team of Matt Fitton and John Dorney link up to provide an extremely entertaining narrative in which UNIT is pitted against an impossible enemy. The narrative relying on a political election while timely could also be a bit of a downer for fans that were hoping for a smarter twist, but by the same token. If you are going to do a story where politics plays a bit part. Then the Silents are a great villain to have manipulating the events.

Overall this is a very tightly put together story with some proper intrigue and excitement thrown into the mix. One of my favourite moments was when Osgood sneakily stole Captain Josh Carter’s laptop.

The music and sound production on this was fantastic. I particularly enjoyed Nicholas Briggs voicing of the Silents whenever they were brought in at key moments in the story.

As ever we get great performances from all the actors involved.

  • The Good: Acting and Character Beats
  • The Bad: The LeBlanc character was a little to obviously based on a certain UKIP leader. Perhaps a more subtle approach might have worked better
  • Story
  • Voice Acting
  • Audio Production
  • Art Work

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