In Review: Big Finish: UNIT: Nemesis 4: Masters of Time

... wraps up this arc with a very strange bow tied around Missy’s brolly.

Synopsis: As if the alien Vulpreen weren’t enough, what remains of UNIT faces another formidable adversary. The mercurial Time Lord Missy is on the side of the Vulpreen. She’s helping and encouraging them in their ambition to become the rulers not just of Earth, but of all Space and Time.


Review: UNIT: Nemesis 4: Masters of Time concludes the arc wonderfully. In the process, listeners hear how much UNIT has evolved since the Third Doctor’s era.



Part of UNIT’s growth involves a wider range of P.O.V. characters. Additionally, it includes enlarging the scope of the adventures UNIT pursues with those P.O.V. characters.

“One Way or Another” by John Dorney is a beautifully structured tale. Dorney reintroduces our regulars in medias res. Each is given time to shine.

More than that, Dorney gives listeners postman Bert Hockley. He’s the sort of everyman character that a rag-tag resistance movement needs.

“Traitors’ Gate” by Sarah Grochala is Big Finish’s latest love letter to the Tower of London. Ashley Bassett is an incredible addition to the intrepid team, and he’s my favorite UNIT supporting character to date.

I also really enjoyed meeting Lorraine Forrester. She’s the everywoman character that a rag-tag resistance movement needs.

“The Destiny Labyrinth” by Alison Winter demonstrates how far UNIT has come since its inception. Kate, Osgood, and the others adventure in time. 

Consequently, they collectively stand in for the Doctor. Of course, they have a companion. 

Michel is incredible. His story line justifies not only this box set, but the entire Nemesis arc.

“True Nemesis” by Andrew Smith wraps up this arc with a very strange bow tied around Missy’s brolly. Missy’s character beats are her narrative. The plot is there solely for the benefit of everyone else.



As ever, the regulars are superb. That said, this set belongs to the guest actors.

Glen McCready is an absolute treat as Bert Hockley. For her part, Donna Berlin brings great depth to Lorraine.

Stewart Scudamore is utterly heartwarming as Ashley Bassett. For his part, Oscar Batterham is a lovely surprise as Michel.

As for Michelle Gomez, she invents the condiments she eats the scenery with as she goes along.



Once again, Big Finish gives listeners a fantastic yarn. I can’t wait for the next UNIT arc.



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