In Review: Big Finish: UNIT: Nemesis 2: Agents of the Vulpreen

UNIT has stopped the Eleven’s efforts to retrieve the Arch. However, questions remain.

Synopsis: In Agents of the Vulpreen UNIT has stopped the Eleven’s efforts to retrieve the Arch. However, questions remain. 

How did an artifact embedded with advanced technology become buried under a prehistoric lava flow? Why does it form a connection with an alien world? Most importantly, who are the Vulpreen, the alien race that lives there?

Review: UNIT: Nemesis 2: Agents of the Vulpreen continues an excellent story arc. The writers deftly use exposition, world-building, and character beats. The result is a tension-filled cliff-hanger.



“The Man From Gallifrey” by Andrew Smith sets the table for the rest of this box set. Listeners get a time jump. In addition, they get new fraught character dynamics that ripple throughout the rest of the stories.

Moreover, Smith introduces another POV character. I really enjoyed meeting Lieutenant Jimmy Tan. He has a delightful rapport with both Kate Stewart and Osgood.

That said, my favorite element is Smith’s creative use of the Battle Tardis’ Zero Room. I hope we get to see a version of that on screen.

“Power of the Dominators” by Kenneth Grant serves as the comic relief interlude. Grant’s script is a remarkably enjoyable revisiting of classic Doctor Who.

“The Dominators” wasn’t the high-point of the Second Doctor’s era. Indeed, it wasn’t the high point of any era. Grant mines the comedy from the original story’s weaknesses.

“The War Factory” by Lizzie Hopley brings Brigadier Winifred Bambera into the fray. In the process, listeners get a marvelous UNIT history lesson. Hopley does some top-notch world-building as the Eleven levels up his game.

“Ten Minutes in Hell” by John Dorney is a Kate Stewart story. It’s also a timey-wimey bomb drop that destabilizes the entire narrative.

Dorney handles the character and story arcs with equal aplomb. The result feels earned on every level.



The regulars are superb throughout. That said, Jemma Redgrave flexes her performance muscles in darker and lighter moments.

However, Mark Bonnar continues to eat all the scenery with all the condiments. He’s proof that these stories are bolstered by absolute commitment.

As for the uniformly great guest cast, I have to single out Gareth Armstrong. He does a thankless job extraordinarily well.



UNIT: Nemesis 2: Agents of the Vulpreen is a well-crafted spanner in the works. I can’t wait to hear UNIT: Nemesis 3.


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Big Finish: UNIT: Nemesis 2: Agents of the Vulpreen
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