In Review: Big Finish: UNIT: Nemesis 1 – Between Two Worlds

UNIT's investigation will unlock a link to another world. Moreover, they’ll come face to face with a new and powerful threat.

Synopsis: In UNIT: Nemesis 1 – Between Two Worlds. An ancient artifact is recovered following a rupture in an undersea stretch of the Mull lava group in North West Scotland. It’s a stone arch anachronistically embedded with electronic circuitry. What’s more, the geological feature in which it is found dates back tens of millions of years.

UNIT’s investigation will unlock a link to another world. Moreover, they’ll come face to face with a new and powerful threat.

Review: UNIT: Nemesis 1 – Between Two Worlds begins another cracking yarn. In the process, the writers deftly meld elements of classic and modern Doctor Who.


“The Enemy Beyond” by Andrew Smith introduces a new POV character with a tension-filled arc. Smith does an excellent job of establishing atmosphere and menace. Additionally, he manages to establish real stakes without prematurely giving the game away.

“Fire and Ice” by John Dorney gives us a unique perspective on an old foe. I’m always amazed that Big Finish keeps finding new spins on these established characters. Also, I appreciate how Dorney uses one problem to solve another in the story.

“Eleven’s Eleven” by Lisa McMullin is an awesome heist tale. The Eleven needs some sparkly MacGuffins  in order to get his hands on the main MacGuffin. The story that follows is a masterclass in deconstruction and character beats.

“The Curator’s Gambit” by Andrew Smith is an unapologetic love letter from Big Finish to Tom Baker. The writers, producers, actors, and sound engineers clearly and unreservedly adore him.

The tale perfectly maintains the Curator’s heartwarming not-really-a-mystery within the mystery dichotomy. Throughout, listeners get a brilliant cat and mouse game between the Curator and the Eleven. 

The gambit not only justifies this box set. Dare I say it? It justifies modern Doctor Who as well.


As ever, the regulars are marvelous. Of course, the supporting cast continues to deliver the goods.

That said, there are stand-out performances. First, Tracy Wiles showcases Jacqui McGee’s layers and growth superbly throughout. Second, Christopher Naylor is utterly charming as Harry Sullivan.

However, the soundscape belongs to Mark Bonnar. He continues to irrevocably crush it as the Eleven.


I would give this set a 10 out of 10, but I need to leave room to score the rest of the story. Bring it on!



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