In Review: Big Finish: Torchwood: The Hope

In short, listeners had a grandly gothic holiday in Snowdonia.

Synopsis: Megwyn Jones is one of the most hated women in Britain. She used to run a home for troubled children in an isolated part of Snowdonia called The Hope. For a long time there were rumours about what was happening there, and then one day it was revealed that the children had gone missing.

Ever since Megwyn’s kept her peace. Is she innocent? Is she guilty? Where are the bodies?

The years have been long and hard on Megwyn and on the families of the children. But now Megwyn’s dying, and she’s agreed to go back to The Hope to reveal the horrible secret she’s kept all these years.

This release contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

Review: With Torchwood: The Hope, James Goss constructed a purposefully bleak slog of a story and gave it an ironic title. I’m alright with that, because he gave the characters room to vent. He gave them room to grieve, to rage, to be bitter, to be ambitious, to be empathetic, and to be evil. In short, listeners had a grandly gothic holiday in Snowdonia.

The regular cast was marvelous as ever. Burn Gorman and Tom Price showcased brilliant chemistry in their scenes together. Separately, they each had some of the most horrific scenes that either has been asked to play yet in Torchwood, and that’s saying something. Those scenes offered pitch-perfect character beats, justifying listeners’ loyalty to the franchise.

That said, the hour belonged to Dame Siân Phillips. She played Megwyn Jones with every performance skill that training and time have given her. It was an absolute treat to listen to her. Once again, I marveled at Big Finish’s uncanny ability to find the perfect role for the perfect actor. It was also lovely to hear her reminisce about filming with Ewoks and enduring the Reverend Mother’s make-up while filming Dune. I hope she continues with Big Finish. She loves audio as much as they do.


Burn Gorman (Owen Harper), Tom Price (Andy Davidson), Siân Phillips (Megwyn Jones)

Laura Dalgleish (Reporter), Nia Roberts (Sally), Ian Saynor (Colbourne), Kerry Joy Stewart (Ginny)

Production Credits

Cover Artist Lee Binding

Director Scott Handcock

Executive Producer Jason Haigh-Ellery, Nicholas Briggs

Music Blair Mowat

Producer James Goss

Script Editor David Llewellyn

Sound Design Richard Fox @ FoxYason Studios

Written by James Goss

Theme Music by Murray Gold

Based on the format created by Russell T Davies

Additional themes by Ben Foster

Big Finish: Torchwood: The Hope
  • Story
  • Performances
  • Audio Production

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