In Review: Big Finish: Torchwood: The Green Life

Captain Jack teams up with former Doctor Who companion Jo Jones in this cracking sequel to 'The Green Death'.

Synopsis: Many years ago Jo Grant met Professor Clifford Jones, fell in love and saved the world. It all happened in the idyllic Welsh community of Llanfairfach.

Josephine Jones has come back to Llanfairfach and she finds it a bustling place with a thriving economy. The little town is now at the spearhead of a healthy-eating revolution. And yet, something’s missing. It feels like the heart has gone out of the place.

She falls in with a dashing stranger and realises that although the past was a lot simpler, not everything’s changed. There’s still something nasty in the mine, and it’s been waiting for Jo for a very long time.

Review: This one-hour Torchwood story does a lot more to merge classic Doctor Who with the new Who universe and Torchwood than series 11 of Doctor Who ever did. And it’s brilliant.

The Story

When Jo Jones formally Jo Grant returns home to Llanfairfach she finds herself taking on the role of an adviser to Captain Jack of Torchwood about some mysterious giant maggots that have been showing up in the old mines.

As they investigate Jo finds that her past with the third Doctor and her last adventure with him has caught up with her and it is all down to modern technology.

Written by David Llewellyn this is a beautiful tribute to classic Doctor Who and a fantastic if not timely sequel to ‘The Green Death.’

Jo provides some fantastic callbacks to the original episode when she shares her memories with Jack about working with NUT.

The Acting

John Barrowman and Katy Manning put in brilliant performances and have wonderful chemistry throughout the whole story. I really hope that this will not be the last Torchwood adventure that the two actors do together because I really enjoyed the relationship that the two actors developed for their characters in this story.


‘The Green Death’ for me was always one of Jon Pertwee’s better stories as the Doctor. So it was always going to be a tough episode to write a follow up too. But with ‘Green Life’ David Llewellyn has done a fantastic job and done something that is both true to the original story, but also continues to serve as a warning about our environment, which couldn’t be more timely given the recent protests in London and around the world.

Pairing Jo with Captain Jack is a genius move. Let’s have more adventures like this, please.

Simply put. This story makes me want to pull out my copy of ‘The Green Death’ to watch again.

Big Finish: Torchwood: The Green Life
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