In Review: Big Finish: Torchwood: Sync

The story practically wrote itself.

Synopsis: Torchwood vs Monsters!

Margaret Blaine is the Mayor of Cardiff. She’s also an alien who’ll do anything to get off the planet Earth. When a spaceship crashes outside Cardiff, it seems like the answer to her prayers. But she’s not the only person at the crash site.

Suzie Costello works for Torchwood, but strictly to her own agenda. When a spaceship crashes outside Cardiff, it seems like the answer to her prayers. But she’s not the only person at the crash site.

Bonded by an alien device, Margaret and Suzie find themselves on the run from Torchwood, the police, and six warp missiles that’ll destroy them, Cardiff, and most of the Western Hemisphere.

Review: I don’t like the Slitheen. They were Russell T Davies’ weakest idea. That said, writer Lisa McMullin made lemonade out of bright green lemons with Torchwood: Sync.

It was a masterstroke pairing Margaret and Suzie. The story practically wrote itself. Betrayal, murder, attempted murder and implied blackmail were just some of what they had to offer each other. While there was no real character growth by the end, each of them understood the value of having the other’s understanding.

Indira Varma and Annette Badland were a great double act. According to the Extra Interview, neither of them had worked together before, but listeners couldn’t tell. They had a natural rapport. Moreover, Badland slipped back into her role so effortlessly that it’s like no time had passed.

So far, this series of Torchwood vs Monsters tales has been excellent. I can’t wait for the next installment.


Indira Varma (Susie Costello), Annette Badland (Margaret Blaine), Raj Ghatak (Pilot)

Production Credits

Additional themes by Ben Foster

Cover Artist Lee Binding

Director Scott Handcock

Executive Producer Jason Haigh-Ellery, Nicholas Briggs

Music Blair Mowat

Producer James Goss

Script Editor Scott Handcock

Sound Design Richard Fox @ FoxYason Studios

Written by Lisa McMullin

Theme Music by Murray Gold

Big Finish: Torchwood: Sync
  • Story
  • Performances
  • Audio Production

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