In Review: Big Finish – The War Doctor Volume 2: Infernal Devices

In a time of war, every means of victory must be explored.

Synopsis: Volume 2 of ‘The War Doctor’ includes three brand new adventures that take place during the legendary time war. These adventures Include:

2.1 Legion of the Lost by John Dorney

In a time of war, every means of victory must be explored. In the Time War, the unthinkable must be thought, and neither side can afford to be squeamish about their methods.

When the destruction of an obscene weapon leads to the Time Lord once known as the Doctor uncovering a secret Gallifreyan initiative, he cannot believe what is being considered.

Should victory be sought at any cost? Or are there worse possibilities than losing to the Daleks..?

2.2 A Thing of Guile by Phil Mulryne

The Daleks are developing a secret weapon on Asteroid Theta 12. It is imperative that their plans are uncovered.

Cardinal Ollistra has her hands full studying the range of ancient and mysterious armaments the universe has to offer, but she makes it a personal mission to investigate the Dalek project.

On this dangerous assignment, there is one particular Time Lord she wants at her side – and he will be accompanying her whether he wants to or not.

2.3 The Neverwhen by Matt Fitton

On an isolated world ravaged by battle, time itself has become a weapon, laying waste to all who live and die there. Arms and technology are in a state of flux – and it seems that everlasting war is their only option.

The arrival of one battered Type Forty TARDIS inside this nightmare offers hope to the combatants trapped within.

But when he discovers the truth, the horrors of the Neverwhen will shock even the War Doctor…


Review: All three of these adventures include impressive casting, which is once again headed up by John Hurt, Jacqueline Pearce and David Warner.

The first adventure, which is written by John Dorney sees the Doctor on a mission to destroy a weapon capable of wiping any given race out from the time line, but when things go south the Doctor learns that this Time Lord allies have aligned with a race of Techno Mages who are murdering one race in order to resurrect Gallifreyan. One of these soliders is a friend that the Doctor had to sacrifice in order to try and destroy the weapon.

This story was pretty damned impressive and did a fair bit of soul searching and examining of the moral issues that the regular television series no longer seems to have time to explore.

The close of this episode sees the Doctor taken into custody as a War Criminal by the manipulative Cardinal Ollistra who is once again played by Jacqueline Pearce. Special mention should also go to the awesome Zoë Tapper who puts in a brilliant performance as the reluctant Gallifreyan Soldier Collis.


The second adventure, which is penned by Phil Mulryne sees Ollistra having to release the Doctor on license in order to help her get to the bottom of a plot by the Daleks to develop a new super weapon.

This is pretty much your average spy story in which the Doctor learns of the Dalek plot, but also manages to get the upper hand over Ollistra or does he?

This particular story delves pretty deeply into Dalek Mythology and borrows a little from the classic Tom Baker story ‘Genesis Of The Daleks’ in order to explain the potential of their new weapon.

Jacqueline Pearce is probably at her very best in this episode and really is every bit up to the challenge of sparring with John Hurts Doctor. The dialogue between these two characters is nothing short of amazing.

The third story deals with the Doctor who is now a war criminal trying to find a way and a means of bringing peace to at least one of the battlefields between Daleks and Time Lords.

Now pretty much a prisoner, but on a rather long leash. The Doctor attempts to initially help the Gallifreyan soldiers end the war by destroying the daleks and putting an end to the neverwhen time weapon or at least figuring out a way to spare the soldiers of both sides any more pain of death before each reboot of the battle.

Ollistra is more interested in making the neverwhen work to end the war regardless of the lives that will be lost. Something, which the Doctor finds extremely disturbing and something that he rebels against in spite of Ollistra’s control over his control color.

This episode is pretty much all about the Doctor and Ollistra’s very different point of view and allows for further brilliant bits of dailogue between these two apposing view points on how the war should be fought. The Doctor being the seasons veteran solider who has seen to much death and Ollistra being the hardened cold-hearted politician who doesn’t given a fig about the human cost of war.


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