Worlds are ravaged by battles beyond their understanding, but certain other races hunger to fight in the ultimate conflict.

Synopsis: The Time War between Daleks and Time Lords rages across the history of the cosmos. Nowhere is safe. Worlds are ravaged by battles beyond their understanding, but certain other races hunger to fight in the ultimate conflict.

Review: Big Finish continue to blow us away with this fantastic range of stories concerning ‘The War Doctor’.

Agents of chaos is made up of ‘The Shadow Vortex’ by David Llewellyn,The Eternity Cage’ by Andrew Smith and ‘Eye of Harmony’ by Ken Bentley

Volume 3 of the series kicks off with John Hurt’s War Doctor travelling back in time to the 1960’s and East Berlin. But his encounter with KGB, MI5 and The Stasi is just the beginning of a huge intergalactic battle, which is brewing for control of all time and space.

Heating up David Llewellyn’s cold war spy-fi is Dalek agent Lara Zannis who is on a special mission for the Dalek Time Strategist.

This story has everything that a great ‘Doctor Who’ story should have and I particularly enjoyed spending time in the cold war era. Neve Macintosh puts in a fabulous performance as Dalek Agent Lara. And the story ends on a huge cliffhanger, which sets things up perfectly ‘The Eternity Cage’.

In Andrew Smith’s story Cardinal Ollistra (Jacqueline Pearce) has been taken prisoner and the Doctor and his companions get caught smack bang in the middle of a conflict between the Sontarans and the Daleks while trying to rescue her.  General Fesk of the Eighth Sontaran Battle Fleet has a point to prove and employs a dangerous strategy to draw both the Daleks and the Timelords to Rovidia.

While Fesk and his army are satisfying their battle lust. The Doctor leads a rescue mission, aided by Rovidian street-urchin Kalan. Neither Daleks nor Time Lords expect the Sontarans to be so fearsome a foe, until they uncover the secret of the Eternity Cage.

This for me is the ultimate war story. Dan Starky as ever is unstoppable when playing his various Sontaran roles. His take on General Fesk is less comedic and more warrior like than his recurring TV role of Strax.

Once again. The story ends by setting things perfectly for ‘Eye of Harmony’. 

The final story by Ken Bentley is both action packed and tragic. Honeysuckle Weeks is brilliant as Dalek Agent Heleyna who has a score to settle with Ollistra. Heleyna blames Ollistra for the death of her grandfather and is so blinded by her own rage and thirst for vengeance that she is only seeing in black and white.

Heleyna’s exchanges with Ollistra really make this story happen. Heleyna has made some terrible choices and when the Doctor finally catches up with her she gets a last chance at redemption.

The use of the Eye Of Harmony in this story is really well thought out. Thanks to Big Finish. This particular bit of tardis technology now has more of an explanation that it was given in the 1996 ‘Doctor Who’ movie that introduced it.

All three of these stories were great value and were chock full of drama. Admittedly I’d have liked for the series to have spent a little more time on 20th century earth. But that’s just my preferences.

It was interesting to see the Sontarans go up against Daleks and a first as far as I am aware. To date the TV series, which these stories are based around has had episodes with Daleks and Cybermen battling it out. But to date we have never seen Sontarans take on the Daleks.

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