In Review: Big Finish: The Time Machine

The Time Machine represents Big Finish’s best adaptation of HG Wells’ work so far.

Synopsis: Imagine a man who defies convention. A man prepared to risk everything to push science to its limits.

Imagine a far distant future where humanity has changed beyond recognition. Where peace may come at a terrible cost, and where violent creatures lurk beneath the surface of the Earth.

Imagine a leap into the unknown, into discovery and adventure.

Imagine a journey in… The Time Machine.

Review: The Time Machine represents Big Finish’s best adaptation of HG Wells’ work so far. It’s the best, because adapter Marc Platt made the fewest changes from the source material.

The changes Platt did make involved fleshing out characters, while leaving the story otherwise intact. First, The Time Traveller’s guests all have names along with personalities and not merely professions. Second, Platt transformed the secondary narrator, who functioned within the framing device, into a version of Wells.

Having The Time Traveller interact with a fictionalised Wells allowed for some lovely commentary on the author, his works, and his world along the way. I particularly enjoyed Platt’s cheeky riff on the creations of Wells’ contemporary Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when The Time Traveller instructed Wells on the tone of his record.

Moving on to the performances, Ben Miles was superb as the The Time Traveller. He transitioned deftly between the narration and the wide ranging character beats, as the original nameless wanderer who inspired our favorite Time Lord. Nicholas Rowe had the far less showy, but equally important, role of Wells. He was, in turns, biography and biographer, as a layered sounding board for this larger-than-life tale.

To end, I have to give a shout out to the sound designers for working out what a giant moth and giant crabs at the end of time sound like. It was reminiscent of Them!

You can purchase The Time Machine here.

Producer David Richardson

Script Editor Nicholas Briggs

Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Written By: HG Wells, dramatised by Marc Platt

Directed By: Ken Bentley


Ben Miles (The Time Traveller), Nicholas Rowe (Mr Wells), Anjella Mackintosh (Uweena), Nicholas Asbury (Mr Filby), James Joyce (Mr Pollock), Hywel Morgan (Morlock Leader), Christopher Naylor (Mr Naylor).

Other parts played by members of the cast.

Big Finish: The Time Machine
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  • Performances
  • Audio Production

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