In Review: Big Finish – The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 01

This set follows provides us with a couple of adventures from the Third Doctor who is partnered with Jo and Captain Yates. The adventures include 'Prisoners of the Lake' and 'The Havoc of Empires', which are two very different stories.

Synopsis: This set follows provides us with a couple of adventures from the Third Doctor who is partnered with Jo and Captain Yates. The adventures include ‘Prisoners of the Lake’ and ‘The Havoc of Empires’, which are two very different stories.

Review: When I saw this set advertised on the Big Finish website I marked it down as a must listen and wasn’t disappointed.

As someone that I was raised on Tom Baker’s Doctor Who I missed out on Pertwee’s interpretation of the role and would not reconnect with his portrayal until the 1990s when UK Gold showed all the classic Doctor Who series.

Sadly Pertwee is no longer with us, but Tim Treloar does a fantastic job of narrating and pulling of a fairly accurate take on Pertwee’s distinctive voice.

This set contains two very different stories. The first adventure titled ‘Prisoners Of The Lake’  is very much a mystery in which the Doctor and Jo along with Captain Yates have figure out why artifacts from an archaeological site deep below Dunstanton Lake have been disappearing.

During the course of their investigation a much bigger story begins to unfold in which the underwater site turns out to be an ancient space ship containing prisoners of an ancient alien war and two judges.

This first story by Justin Richards was my favorite of the two due to the fact that there seemed to be much more tension and scares.

The second story, which was titled ‘The Havoc of Empires’ sees the Doctor and his companions land smack in the middle of a political cold war between two Alien races. When the Doctor is accused of murder it is up to Jo Grant to clear his name and figure things out.

This second story felt kind of like a by the numbers political style story by Andy Lane and wasn’t really my favorite of the two, but it does have a few fun moments in which the Doctor’s dress sense is referenced as being a good thing.

The cast of those these stories did a fantastic job in their roles and I was very impressed with Tim Treloar’s take on Pertwee’s voice. Katy Manning was fab as Jo Grant and it was fantastic to have Captain Yates back in the scheme of things. Would loved a bit of the Brig and Sergeant Benton though.

Who ever did the soundscapes and music for these episodes should be nominated for an award. The music was bang on with the sort of incidental score you’d expect to hear in any given John Pertwee episode of the series. And the sound effects were fantastic in that they really did transport you to the mysterious alien space craft below the late and the space station harmony.

If your a third Doctor fan and a regular Big Finish customer or just a casual follower this set is well worth the investment.

Big Finish - The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 01
  • Fantastic take on the third doctor and great soundtrack
  • This is rather subjective, but the second story wasn't my bag.
  • Stories
  • Packaging
  • Voice Acting
  • Music and Sound Effects

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