The third volume of Doctor Who adventures, which feature David Bradley's take on the First Doctor. 

Description: The third volume of Doctor Who adventures, which feature David Bradley’s take on the First Doctor.

Review: Big Finish continues to roll out First Doctor Adventures featuring David Bradley and much like the classic series. The format is made up of a historical story and a science fiction story.

The Stories

The Phoenicians is a historical story, which gives us a fun and educational take on the origins of Dido of Carthage. The story sees The Doctor, Ian, Barbara, and Susan get caught up in the political machinations between Princess Elissa and the young King  Pygmalion.

Written by Marc Platt. This story is an example of what a historical story could be like without any political bias.

Tick-Tock World is a science fiction adventure, which sees the Doctor and his companions get stuck on a planet which plays fast and loose with the rules of time. Stuck without the Tardis the group has to fend for themselves and survive on a hostile planet, which has ghosts screaming across time and creatures that stalk new prey. But who is the mysterious woman that is watching them?

The Voice Acting

As always we get some brilliant performances from the regulars and it is fair to say that David Bradley is well and truly established now as The First Doctor.

Ajjaz Awad puts in a fantastic performance as Princess Elissa aka Dido Queen of Carthage in the first story while Carole Ann Ford totally rocks it as The Mysterious Woman who gives the Doctor a run for his money in the second story.


This is another set that’s worth a listen if you like the format of the First Doctor Adventures with David Bradley in the lead.

Out of the two stories. I think the second one Tick-Tock World was the strongest and certainly the one that managed to keep my attention all the way through.

The first story was fairly good, but it had a few pacing issues in the first couple of episodes but was ultimately saved by some solid character beats.

  • Overall though. This is a good set and if you would like to pick up a copy you can order your copy here via the Big Finish Website. 
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