In Review: Big Finish: The Doctor Chronicles: The Twelfth Doctor Volume 01

Danny Pink and Osgood join The Doctor in the Tardis.

Synopsis: This set contains four stories set in the Twelfth Doctor era, narrated by Jacob Dudman. Danny Pink and Osgood join The Doctor in the Tardis.

Review: The Doctor Chronicles: The Twelfth Doctor Volume 01 is an excellent beginning. Writers David Llewellyn, Mark Wright, Lizbeth Myles, and Una McCormack give listeners war stories, which serve as great vehicles for guest actors.


“The Charge of the Night Brigade” by David Llewellyn showcases Mary Seacole and the Crimean War. Llewellyn uses the disease-infested environment to great effect, highlighting the fact that war is not the only dreadful part of the war. I really appreciated Llewellyn’s portrait of Mary Seacole and how organically she and The Doctor fit together. I also liked how evocatively he crafted the story’s antagonist.

“War Wounds” by Mark Wright features Danny Pink. I was never a fan of Danny’s television storyline. I felt that there were a lot of interesting ideas that never quite gelled. Wright makes better use of those ideas in a tale that transports Danny to another planet and another time. The world-building is excellent, as is the exploration of the universality of the military experience.

“Distant Voices” by Lizbeth Myles gives us a story of wars in multiple timelines. The Twelfth Doctor is confronted with a twist on a conundrum his predecessors faced, as Medieval England collides with the 29th century.

“Field Trip” by Una McCormack is my favorite story in the set. Osgood finally gets a trip on the Tardis, along with a mission in the ongoing war against corporate greed. The James Bond homage is worth the price alone, as Nella — Petro Nella — helps The Doctor save a world.


Mandi Symonds shines as Mary Seacole, and Emily Redpath perfectly inhabits Cameron. That said, returning actors Samuel Anderson and Ingrid Oliver are truly the guest stars. They bring Danny and Osgood to life with depth and commitment.

For his part, Jacob Dudman is absolutely marvelous once again, as The Narrator, The Twelfth Doctor, and every other character not played by his four costars. The man is insanely good at what he does.


If Volume 01 is anything to go by, I can’t wait for The Doctor Chronicles: The Twelfth Doctor Volume 02.

Big Finish: The Doctor Chronicles: The Twelfth Doctor Volume 01
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