In Review: Big Finish: Sherlock Holmes: The Seamstress of Peckham Rye

It’s Autumn, 1900. The lives of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are in a state of change.

Synopsis; Holmes and Watson go head-to-head with new and old villains. Once again, they solve the unsolvable in a new adventure written by Jonathan Barnes.

It’s Autumn, 1900. The lives of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are in a state of change. 

The doctor has moved out of Baker Street. He’s waiting anxiously to marry his new love, the American actress, Genevieve Dumont. 

Holmes has been left restless and fretful The great detective is eager for mystery and distraction.

A secret code and a brutal murder promise to bring the two men back into each other’s orbit. However,  there is more to the investigation than first appears to be the case. 

Something greater seems to be at work. A new power is moving dexterously behind the scenes. This new force in the London underworld is known only as the Seamstress of Peckham Rye.

Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Seamstress of Peckham Rye is the excellent middle chapter in a trilogy. Jonathan Barnes picks up where he left off in the previous box set. In the process, he perfectly captures Holmes, Watson, and the world they inhabit.


The Story

As ever, I face the dilemma inherent in mystery reviews. I can’t say anything substantial about the plot.

I can say that Barnes’ has a real flare for both characterization and narrative economy. The puzzle pieces fit together seamlessly. No pun intended. All the while, the characters behave impeccably like themselves.

I particularly enjoyed how the dynamic between Holmes and Watson both shifted and remained the same. Barnes carefully and sensitively explored areas of Arthur Conan Doyle’s implied narrative. Moreover, he did so by adding immense depth to standard tropes.


The Acting

Nicholas Briggs and Richard Earl continue to be superb as Holmes and his faithful Boswell. Lucy Briggs-Owen brings layered flare to Watson’s new leading lady.

For their parts, the other members of the cast play multiple roles with gusto. The third UK lockdown couldn’t dampen their spirits.



Bravo, Big Finish. Bring on the final installment of this trilogy Sherlock Holmes: The Fiends of New York City.


You can purchase Sherlock Holmes: The Seamstress of Peckham Rye here. 

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