In Review: Big Finish: Missy Series 04: Bad Influence

Missy is alone, unleashed, and unfettered. What does she get up to when the Doctor isn’t around?

Synopsis: Missy is alone, unleashed, and unfettered. What does she get up to when the Doctor isn’t around?

Sometimes, Missy isn’t the only bad person in the room. Sometimes, she meets others with their own naughty plans. 

Whoever they might be – medieval thieves, wayward students, renowned assassins – Missy will bring out the worst in them.

Review: Missy Series 04: Bad Influence offered listeners three new darkly comic tales. Once again, the madcap romps offered a necessary antidote to Big Finish’s other equally brilliant, but tonally unrelenting ranges.



The plots merely served as guide posts, leaving the actors free to merrily roll along. Indeed, the tropes were the plots, and the writers mined them for all they were worth.

“Missy and the Time Assassin” by David Quantick introduced a marvelous foil for Missy. I loved the relationship between them and how delightfully disillusioned Missy became as the story progressed.

As a sucker for Doctor Who historical adventures, I also squealed with glee over Quantick’s use of the Battle of Hastings. That sequence was one of the cherries on top of a narrative sundae.

“Bad Apple Brigade” by Freddie Valdosta introduced a love interest for Missy. Of course, the situation went about as well as listeners would imagine.

Around that, Valdosta embraced horror tropes and wholeheartedly turned them upside down. I’m looking forward to more stories from this new addition to the Big Finish team.

“The Baron Robbers” by Lou Morgan was a full-throttle heist caper with all the trimmings. In addition, Morgan picked up the twisted love story from the previous tale.

In the process, Missy was perfectly positioned to unleash havoc on England’s favorite heroes. I’m also wondering if Big Finish will embrace any crossover opportunities.



Michelle Gomez was comedy gold throughout, That said, I have to praise several of the excellent supporting cast.

Paterson Joseph was pitch-perfect as James Blakelock. I really hope this isn’t the last we hear of him.

Ian Conningham’s commitment to the role of Solaire came through in every syllable. I’m completely invested in that storyline.

Finally, however, I must acknowledge Big Finish mainstay Beth Chalmers. She has served as Michelle Gomez’s scene partner, as Gomez read remotely from New York.

By that, I mean Chalmers has read all the roles. She deserves multiple box sets worth of applause.



Thank you, Big Finish. Missy Series 04: Bad Influence was the best entry yet in this range. I can’t wait to hear what you have in store.


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