In Review: Big Finish: Missy Series 03: Missy and the Monk

Michelle Gomez and Rufus Hound own every scene they’re in. Their sheer joy is worth the price alone.

Synopsis: Missy is no longer alone, unleashed and unfettered! She’s stuck with a Meddling Monk. Tediously, his TARDIS won’t fly without both pilots.

It’s a partnership neither one wants. The Monk thinks Missy wants him dead. For her part, Missy thinks the Monk is annoying. Of course, she wants him dead.

The two Time Lords must learn to live together or die trying.

Review: Missy Series 03: Missy and the Monk is a black comedy romp. Indeed, writers James Goss, Johnny Candon, and James Kettle lean into the psychopathy with glee.


The first two stories are early Halloween treats. The third is a bedroom farce with a Borgia.

“Body and Soulless” by James Goss starts with the Monk’s disembodied brain in Missy’s handbag. The tale becomes even more delightfully macabre from there.

The plot and dialogue serve each other in equal measure as Goss twists the reanimated corpse trope. As a result, the chess match between Missy and the Monk is a gory, heartbreaking, and hilarious battle of wits.

“War Seed” by Johnny Candon is yet another tale of Time War weaponry. Genuine tragedy and family drama are liberally peppered with were creatures and camp.

I particularly appreciated one character’s reaction to the inside of the Tardis. Amazingly, Candon finds a fresh take on the disconcerting dimensions.

“Two Monks, One Mistress” by James Kettle brings together Missy, the Monk, and the Meddling Nun. They trade barbs amidst cross-dressing, mistaken identities, running gag soliloquies, and threats of torture. All the while, the plot hinges on plutonium.


Michelle Gomez and Rufus Hound own every scene they’re in. Their sheer joy is worth the price alone. 

The supporting actors are all committed straight men and women They hold their own as the humor permeates even the darkest lines of dialogue.

However, I must single out Gemma Whelan. She’s essentially the third co-lead in the final installment. The Meddling Nun is everything the Meddling Nun should be thanks to her pitch-perfect performance.


Thank you, again, Big Finish. Bring on Missy Series 04!


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