In Review: Big Finish: Master!: Planet Doom

The Master and Vienna Salvatori form an unlikely alliance.

Synopsis: The Master and Vienna Salvatori form an unlikely alliance. They’re forced into joining an expedition to a forbidden planet. 

The duo accompanies elite marines, government scientists, and a corporate mercenary with access to some very old UNIT files. They go in search of an ancient, subterranean labyrinth infested by an alien life form the Master knows all too well.

Review: Master!: Planet Doom is a hugely entertaining story. Roger Delgado would’ve been proud.



The box set works so well, because the writers aren’t trying to do anything new. Robert Whitelock, Barnaby Kay, and Robert Valentine all understand that internal logic is their friend.

They also grasp that less is more. The scribes use plot as accent colors, not the main palette. As a result, the actors have room to fill the canvas with their performances.

Additionally, the writers craft uncluttered scenes. Consequently, the story plays out in interlinked two or three-hander plays.

Importantly, they never lose sight of the fact that the Master is a happy psychopath. The Big Finish creative team allows him to gleefully catalogue the carnage.

On top of that, Vienna fans have the added pleasure of her continued character growth. Moreover, they’re treated to commentary on that growth from a delightful and unexpected source.



The entire cast is wonderful. That said, I have to single out some actors.

First, Barnaby Kay is obviously having a great time as Axos. For her part, Teri Ann Bobb-Baxter joyfully brings new layers to Passion.

However, the soundscape belongs to two performers. Chase Masterson continues to fire on all cylinders as Vienna Salvatori. Meanwhile, Eric Roberts eats the scenery with all the condiments, reveling in the writing he deserves.



Thank you, Big Finish. Master!: Planet Doom is an excellent installment. I can’t wait for the next one. I also can’t wait for the next box set in the Vienna range.


You can purchase Master!: Planet Doom here.

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