In Review: Big Finish: Master!: Nemesis Express

Eric Roberts and Chase Masterson were an awesome double act. They clearly had a blast recording this set. 
Nemesis Express

Synopsis: In Nemesis Express, Vienna Salvatori bluffs her way aboard the Kairos.  She’s on a mission involving this recreational cruiser that traverses the Time Vortex itself.

The bounty hunter must make her way up the serpentine vehicle. Her objective takes her from the crime-ridden rear segments, through the enclosed compartments of the mega-rich. 

All the way at the front of the ship,  Vienna must face the man who controls it all. She must contend with the Master!

Review: Master!: Nemesis Express was an excellent showcase for Eric Roberts’ incarnation of The Master. Indeed, the Snowpiercer-inspired plot placed this version of the Time Lord in his element.



Once again, the writers of Big Finish deftly demonstrated how to rehabilitate weakly realized characters with good scripts. Eric Roberts and his capable costars then took those scripts and gleefully ran with them.

“Nemesis Express” by Robert Whitelock picked up where the previous set left off. Whitelock established the setting, characters, and stakes.

The pitch-perfect plot didn’t allow for complacency. The characters acted and reacted in the shifting situation. I particularly enjoyed that the MacGuffin wasn’t used as listeners assumed it would be.

“Capture the Chronovore!” by Lizbeth Myles was wonderfully straightforward. The hunting party was a dark hoot.

Almost all the characters were hateful with twinkles in their eyes. Dr. Miroy’s scientific aspirations were a stark contrast to everyone else goals.

Princess Natalia Zicaria was my favorite hunter, however. I appreciated how Myles subverted fairytale tropes with her.

“Passion” by Robert Valentine was a really well-executed finale. Valentine wove the plot threads together with multiple flourishes. Moreover, the story was no less engaging for going exactly where listeners expected. This is the Master after all!



Eric Roberts and Chase Masterson made for an awesome double act. They clearly had a blast recording this set. 

Roberts happily dialed up the Master’s charming menace. For her part, Masterson joyfully owned every syllable of Vienna on her 10th anniversary.



Thanks, Big Finish, for using the Master and Vienna to improve on Snowpiercer. I can’t wait to hear what you do with them next.


You can purchase Master!: Nemesis Express here

Big Finish: Master!: Nemesis Express
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