In Review: Big Finish: GALLIFREY: TIME WAR 2

Rassilon has returned – summoned back from the dead, to lead his people through their greatest crisis.

Synopsis: Rassilon has returned – summoned back from the dead, to lead his people through their greatest crisis.

But the Time Lords will reap what they have sown, and the consequences of this resurrection will determine Gallifrey’s fate.

And in among the schemes and strategies of war, Romana and Narvin are losing friends and allies, as they become ever more isolated…

Review: This latest chapter in the Gallifrey Time War series puts a lot of effort into showing us the political machinations behind the scenes of the conflict between The Timelords and The Daleks and how other worlds are brought into the conflict.

The Stories

This set of four stories hits the ground running and sees Romana thrown into the centre of the War Councils schemes. Titled ‘Havoc’ and written by David Llewellyn. This opening installment sees Romana narrowly escaping a death sentence only to be thrown smack bang in the middle of things as she seeks to find an alternative and less brutal way of fighting the Time War. Her only ally in this is Narvin.

When a stranger comes to Gallifrey and is suddenly murdered. It gives Rassilon the perfect excuse to pretty much implement some fairly excessive security protocols, which only serve to make Romana’s job at the Celestial Intervention Agency.

The second story titled ‘Partisans’, which is written by Una McCormack illustrates what happens when lesser technologically advanced worlds are used as pawns in the power struggle.

In this story. Romana sends Narvin to Ysalus in an effort to try and make it less of a strategic target for Rassilon and the War Council. Unfortunately, things end up in a stalemate, which ultimately helps no one and winds up being very bad news for Ysalas.

Picking thing up directly from where ‘Partisans’ left off. ‘Collateral’  by Lisa McMullin sees Narvin learning just how far his own people will go to protect their own interests. We learn that every victory comes at a price and it is often the innocents that are hurt the most.

The final story ‘Assassins’ by Matt Fritton sees Romana thinking the unthinkable as she slowly loses friends and valued allies.

A new threat has emerged. A race of assassins known as the Sicari. Their single purpose is to take out Rassilon once and for all.

The Acting

The voice acting throughout this set of interconnected stories is awesome. Lalla Ward is fantastic as Romana who is just as formidable a presence as she was on Doctor Who. Her scenes with Rassilon are very powerful and brilliantly performed. Terrence Hardiman is outstanding as Rassilon and seems to relish the manipulative and strategic nature of the character. Whose sole purpose is to win the war no matter the cost.


This latest chapter in the ‘Gallifrey Time War’ series is well worth a listen. The cliffhanger ending, which sees Romana completely isolated with her sole trusted Ally just leaves you wanting more. Hopefully, there isn’t too much of a wait for volume 3.

You can obtain your own Copy of ‘Gallifrey: Time War Vol. 2’ at the Big Finish Online Store. I’d highly recommend that you do just that.

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