In Review: Big Finish: Dorian Gray: The Lost Confessions

Alexander Vlahos reads three brand-new readings of unmade stories from The Confessions of Dorian Gray.

Synopsis: Alexander Vlahos reads three brand-new readings of unmade stories from The Confessions of Dorian Gray. This release contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger listeners.

Review: According to the Extra Interviews, the unmade stories within Dorian Gray: The Lost Confessions

box set were unmade for two reasons. The first two stories — “Last Man Standing” and “There Are Such Things…” were spec scripts that Scott Handcock sent into Big Finish in his initial effort to get the series greenlit. The third story — “The Last Confession” was an early draft of the series finale.

All three tales needed to be released as “lost,” because they read like alternate universe fan fiction pieces. They were good alternate universe fanfiction pieces to be sure, but they were definitely out of narrative phase with the full cast series. Writing is as much about what authors alter as it is about what they retain. 

Interestingly, Scott Harrison’s efforts to adapt Scott Handcock’s first two scripts highlighted the weaknesses in the stories. Harrison’s world-building and character beats came off as repetitive and made the lack of plot momentum apparent. There wasn’t enough story in each story to justify the slower pacing and longer run times. The ideas were revised and tightened more effectively for their full-cast audio incarnations.

Hamdcock rightfully tossed the initial draft of the series finale in a drawer. It was excellent, but it offered too much fan service. As a result, the tale didn’t fit either Big Finish’s internal logic or that established by Oscar Wilde’s original work.

Throughout, Alexander Vlahos got to have massive fun reading all the characters. Indeed, the change of pace short story format was one of the temptations that drew him back to Dorian Gray after he said he was done. 


Alexander Vlahos (Narrator)

Production Credits

Cover Artist Stuart Manning

Director Scott Handcock

Executive Producer Jason Haigh-Ellery, Nicholas Briggs

Music Robert Harvey

Producer Scott Handcock

Script Editor Scott Handcock

Sound Design Robert Harvey

Written by Scott Harrison

Based on scripts by Scott Handcock

Big Finish: Dorian Gray: The Lost Confessions
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