In Review: Big Finish: Doctor Who: Time War 5: Cass

Unfortunately, when that universe is in the grips of a Time War, the unexpected lurks round every corner.

Synopsis: In Cass, The Doctor and his great-grandson Alex are back traveling the universe together. Unfortunately, when that universe is in the grips of a Time War, the unexpected lurks round every corner.

Review: Doctor Who: Time War 5: Cass came about for one reason. Rakhee Thakrar was unavailable to reprise her role as Bliss. The resulting box set was a master class in how to turn the problem into a solution.



Cass Fermazzi had massive untapped potential based on her appearance in “The Night of the Doctor.” Big Finish capitalized on that. 

The writers crafted storylines around dramatic irony and bitter-sweet character beats. In the process, listeners finally met Cass the companion. 

“Meanwhile, Elsewhere” by Tim Foley was near perfect setup. Cass was put through her paces, and the Doctor couldn’t have been more pleased with his new friend. Moreover, Cass also had marvelous chemistry with Alex.

In “Vespertine” by Lou Morgan, Cass learned a valuable lesson about hero worship. Along the way, Morgan demonstrated how much of a history nerd she is.

“Previously, Next Time” by James Moran was a particularly nasty Time War conundrum. The Doctor and his companions made choices they could barely stomach. All the while, they moved inexorably toward a cliffhanger that sadly wasn’t one.



Paul McGann continued brilliantly as the Eighth Doctor. Over the years, he’s shown a remarkable talent for conveying three emotions with a single line of dialogue.

For his part, Sonny McGann had his work cut out for him with a different version of Alex. He acquitted himself extremely well, and I’m looking forward to hearing him grow in the role.

Jaye Griffiths was a treat as Hieronyma Friend. I hope this isn’t the last we hear from her in the role.

Last but certainly not least, Emma Campbell-Jones was everything I hoped she’d be as Cass. I’m looking forward to her continuing in the role.



Thank you, Big Finish. Doctor Who: Time War 5: Cass was an excellent way to work around scheduling issues. Additionally, you succeeded in keeping listeners guessing and wanting more.


You can purchase Doctor Who: Time War 5: Cass here.

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