In Review: Big Finish: Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures: Revolution in Space

Revolution is in the air.

Synopsis: Revolution is in the air. The Doctor and Sarah find themselves in an asteroid on the outer reaches of Earth’s solar system. It’s the future, and humans have colonized this inhospitable place.

They aim to mine vital minerals to supply their home planet. However, links with Earth are becoming ever more strained, and forces within the colony are seeking independence. Revolution is in the air.

Meanwhile, in the deepest chambers of the asteroid, a powerful force is emerging. Its influence is growing rapidly. 

How will it affect Sarah Jane Smith? Will she have her place in future history?

Review: Big Finish listeners get a double dose of the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith this month. Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures: Revolution in Space is an old-school treat.



Writer Jonathan Morris truly appreciates the Pertwee era. However, he came of age during Tom Baker’s run.

As a result, he combines social commentary with a dash of the supernatural. This installment is what might’ve happened if Philip Hinchcliffe had written for the Third Doctor.

Morris’ gothic sensibilities mean he understands that some mysteries should be left mysterious. The alien influence isn’t explained. Additionally, the main villain’s past is alluded to throughout in the vaguest of terms.

As for the social commentary, all the classic Doctor Who tropes are present and entertainingly correct. Morris intrinsically grasps when not to reinvent the narrative wheel.



The entire cast is superb. That said, I have to single out three performers.

First, Tom Alexander is delightfully unhinged in Renfield mode throughout the story. Second, Juliet Aubrey does an absolutely committed turn as the piece’s main villain.

That said, the box set was a showcase for Sadie Miller. She brings energy and love to Sarah Jane from first to last. 



Thanks, Big Finish. Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures: Revolution in Space gives listeners everything they could want and then some.


You can purchase Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures: Revolution in Space here


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