In Review: Big Finish: Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 11: The Nine

The Fourth Doctor returns in three new adventures.

Synopsis: The Fourth Doctor returns in The Nine, which features three new adventures.

In the first, The Nine isn’t your average robber. He’s a ferociously intelligent and murderous kleptomaniac Time Lord with regenerative dissonance. 

He’s a far more dangerous adversary than most security details are used to. So it’s useful that the Doctor is on hand to stop him.

In the second, the TARDIS lands behind German lines at the height of the First World War. The Doctor finds himself inadvertently transported to a hospital full of traumatized soldiers. 

They’re suffering from shellshock. Worse still, something is causing vivid nightmares that chill the blood.

In the third, The Doctor has an embarrassing encounter with Mervyn Peake. The Time Lord tries to make amends by offering him a trip in the TARDIS. It’s a trip the famous author should never have accepted.

Review: To start with, I have a small quibble. I don’t think this set should’ve been subtitled “The Nine.”  Only one of the tales is centered around him.



That said, Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 11: The Nine is an excellent continuation. I really appreciated the different contexts in which The Doctor found temporary companions.

“The Dreams of Avarice” by Guy Adams is a brilliant heist yarn. The dynamics among The Doctor, The Nine, and an exasperated Detective Inspector are worth the price alone.

However, Adams combines sparkling characterizations with audacious mechanics. The result is a tightly woven surrealist comedy.

“Shellshock” by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris is a well-thought-out historical with no easy answers. War remains war.

The characters are extremely engaging. Indeed, a couple of them could’ve easily become longer-term companions.

Peake Season” by Lizbeth Myles is a treat for Gormenghast fans. The characters and world-building are pitch-perfect. I also really enjoyed the incidents bookending the story.



Tom Baker is superb as ever. Among the supporting cast, Richard Dixon is pitch-perfect as Detective Inspector Alan Probert. For their parts, Jules de Jongh and Ava Merson-O’Brien are wonderful as Peake-inspired denizens.

The stand-out performer, however, is John Heffernan as The Nine. He absolutely owns every scene he’s in.



Thanks, again, Big Finish, for top-notch escapist fare in these unsteady times. I can’t wait for further Fourth Doctor adventures.


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Big Finish: Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 11: The Nine
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