In Review: Big Finish: Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 10 Volume 01

The Fourth Doctor and Leela return in two new adventures.

Synopsis: The Fourth Doctor and Leela return in two new adventures.

First, a day out in 21st Century London leads to the TARDIS being impounded. The Doctor and Leela subsequently find themselves getting involved with the mysterious Amapan Investments.

Second, the TARDIS brings the Doctor and Leela to the ruins of a once-great city racked by earthquakes. Crucially, the planet is due to be destroyed by a comet in a year’s time. Moreover, a lone ship is the only way off-world.

Review: Big Finish stalwarts Guy Adams and Jonathan Morris penned cracking new yarns. Both stories were linked by themes of greed and power.


“The World Traders” by Guy Adams was the lighter of the two tales. There was a decidedly Douglas Adams quality to the characterizations, dialogue, and story. I especially enjoyed how Guy Adams incorporation a cat, a dinosaur, and an Indian buffet.

Those narrative choices served a story with puzzle-box plotting. Don’t be afraid, though. Adams perfectly maintained the balance of ideas. As a result, the allegory of greed didn’t overpower the other story elements.

“The Day of the Comet” by Jonathan Morris was the more heavy-handed story. However, it needed to be.

The Doctor and Leela confronted the morality of time travel head-on. There was nothing new here, and that was the point.

Morris used the supporting characters to express all the necessary viewpoints, as the Doctor weighed his options. Surprisingly, Morris also dropped a bread crumb of modern Doctor Who continuity for Four to chew on. It added an interesting flavor.


As ever, Tom Baker and Louise Jameson were wonderful. I particularly relished their comic timing in “The World Traders.”

Siân Phillips also continued to be brilliant. I’m glad she’s making herself at home with Big Finish.

Finally, kudos to Janet Henfrey. She stood out in the marvelous cast of “The Day of the Comet.”


Thanks, again, Big Finish. The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 10 Volume 01 is a great start to the new series. I can’t wait for Series 10 Volume 02.


You can purchase The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 10 Volume 01 here. 


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Big Finish: Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 10 Volume 01
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