In Review: Big Finish: Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Audacity

The Doctor is about to gain a new best friend.

Synopsis: In Audacity the Doctor is about to gain a new best friend. Lady Audacity Montague has carved her own path in Regency England. 

She has also been watching the heavens, wondering what lies beyond. When the Doctor gatecrashes one of her famous society balls, Audacity is given the chance to find out.

Review: Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Audacity was a marvelous introduction to a new companion. Indeed, listeners got all the best aspects of the Regency without the tenure limits imposed upon Mary Shelley and Jane Austen by history.



Lisa McMullin and Tim Foley lovingly threw Audacity in the deep end. All the while, they deconstructed Austen tropes and class systems.

“The Devouring” by Lisa McMullin was a pitch-perfect setup. I absolutely loved Audacity’s Austen-style narration. 

Moreover, the unconventional love story between her and Ignatius Montague was utterly heartwarming. In addition, McMullin’s extended metaphor-driven universe building with The Devouring would’ve made Austen proud.

“The Great Cyber-War” by Tim Foley was a two-part trial by fire for Audacity. It was structured around an epic ball on acid.

Throughout, Audacity gave as good as she got. I really appreciated how she held her convictions and challenged everyone she met.

Additionally, the story offered a great glimpse of Voga. In a rare instance in Doctor Who, I was actually cheered by the inexorability of history.

Last but not least, the cliffhanger foreshadowed the next box set perfectly. In the process, Audacity made another new friend.



Paul McGann and Jaye Griffiths were wonderful together. For her part, Griffiths embraced Audacity with gusto.

As ever, the supporting cast fired on all cylinders. That said, I must single out two performers.

First, Joseph Millson was delightfully engaging as Ignatius Montague. Second, Nicholas Briggs brought poignant and frightening nuance to each of the Cybermen.



Big Finish has done it again. Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor Adventures: Audacity delivered everything listeners could want in a new companion and a new storyline.


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