In Review: Big Finish: Doctor Who: The Beast of Kravenos

Teaming the Doctor with Jago and Litefoot is like combining peanut butter with two kinds of chocolate.

Synopsis: A stunning new star act is wowing the audiences of the New Regency Theatre. The modern mechanical marvel of canny canine charisma – the automated dog that can answer any question – the incomparable – the unbeatable – K9!

The Doctor and Romana have returned to Victorian London and been reunited with their old friends Professor George Litefoot and Henry Gordon Jago. However this is not merely a social visit. A terrifying crime spree is sweeping the capital, and the burglaries of ‘The Knave’ defy all logic.

Something impossibly dangerous is taking place amid the fog. Only the time travellers and their friends can stop it… but can they be sure they’re all on the same side?

Review: Teaming the Doctor with Jago and Litefoot is like combining peanut butter with two kinds of chocolate. After a certain point, the plot becomes irrelevant, as listeners luxuriate in the awesomeness of Tom Baker, Christopher Benjamin, and Trevor Baxter.

Of course, Justin Richards did construct a marvelously period plot. He gave listeners Doctor Who meets Jekyll and Hyde meets Raffles. Moreover, Richards made brilliant use of K9, giving the little dog wonderfully corny one liners. For once, Baker got to be John Leeson’s straight man.

If I had one complaint, it was that Romana, played ably as ever by Lalla Ward, didn’t have much to do. That was an unfortunate side effect of having to accommodate three larger than life characters and the actors who play them.

This was a lovely start to the new season of the Fourth Doctor’s adventures. Big Finish reminded me, yet again, why the Fourth Doctor is my favorite.

  • You can purchase Doctor Who: The Beast of Kravenos here.

Written By: Justin Richards

Directed By: Nicholas Briggs


Tom Baker (The Doctor), Lalla Ward (Romana), John Leeson (K9), Christopher Benjamin (Henry Gordon Jago), Trevor Baxter (Professor George Litefoot), Conrad Asquith (Inspector Quick), Ed Stoppard (Sir Nicholas Asquin)

Producer David Richardson

Script Editor John Dorney

Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Big Finish: Doctor Who: The Beast of Kravenos
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  • Romana was underutilized.
  • Story
  • Performances
  • Audio Production

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